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Oklahoma State University

Play Therapy Research and Training Lab

Play Therapy Research and Training Lab Cover Photo

About the Lab:

At the Play Therapy Research and Training Lab at Oklahoma State University we conduct research to examine the effectiveness of play therapy with children. In particular, we are interested in how play therapy benefits marginalized children and/or children experiencing adverse life conditions. Our lab is open to both students and faculty who are interested in play therapy or other expressive arts therapy that positively impact child development. 

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy allows children to work through stressful life events in a developmentally appropriate way. Toys are carefully selected to be used in the playroom which allows children to speak through their natural language of play. In play therapy children can communicate at their own pace and gain control over feelings and reactions to situations in their lives. Play therapy has been found to be effective with children on a variety of issues such as: internalizing and externalizing behaviors, disruptive behaviors, caregiver–child relationship stress, and self-efficacy. To learn more about play therapy please visit: