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Oklahoma State University

Current Projects

Monosexism and Biphobia

A climate survey regarding OSU’s climate toward non-monosexual individuals.
Tonya R. Hammer, PhD; Colton Brown, MS; Joseph M. Currin, MA

Culturally Sensitive Mentoring

What does it mean to mentor from a relational standpoint? Connection, authenticity, and collaboration.
Tonya R. Hammer, PhD; Hang-Shim Lee, PhD; Julianne Yavorski, M.S.

Foster and Adoptive Youth Research and Advocacy

Advocating for and empowering youth in (and graduates of) the foster system and those who have been adopted from the foster system.
Kerri S. Kearney, EdD; Tonya R. Hammer, PhD; Colton Brown, MS; Travis Mitchell, MA

Identity Development of Rural Raised Bisexuals

Qualitative exploration of bisexuals raised in rural areas and their connection to community and resources.
Colton Brown, MS; Natalie Singleton, BS; Josiah Stogsdill, BS

Grief and Loss during Adolescence

Conceptual piece discussing using superheroes in counseling children who have experienced grief and loss.
Tonya R. Hammer, PhD; Amanda Brace, MEd, Colton Brown, MS