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2021 Chautauqua Conference on Family Resilience

February 26, 2021 • 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Resilience of LGBTQ+ Families: Pride and Celebration

Virtual event via Zoom

2021 Speakers


Dr. Anneliese Singh


Dr. Anneliese Singh


Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Diversity/Chief Diversity Officer

Professor, the School of Social Work and affiliate faculty in the Psychology Department

Tulane University


Presentation: Queer and Trans Resilience: Moving from Affirmation to Liberation in Our Collective Healing



Dr. Roberto L. Abreu


Dr. Roberto L. Abreu


Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology

Director of the Collective Healing and Empowering VoicEs through Research and Engagement in the Department of Psychology

University of Florida


Presentation: “Ser Latino te da una buena base sobre la familia:” Understanding how Latinx Cultural Values and Beliefs Promote Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diverse Family Members



Dr. Al Carlozzi


Dr. Al Carlozzi


Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma State University

Former Director, OSU-Tulsa Counseling Center


Presentation: Families of Transgender and Gender Expansive Persons: Support, Acceptance, Resilience, and Advocacy









Dr. Tangela Roberts


Dr. Tangela Roberts


Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology
Western Michigan University 


Presentation: Building a family: An exploration of queer resilience through the formation of family


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