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Oklahoma State University

Research Centers & Facilities

College Research Centers:

Center for Educational Research and Evaluation (CERE)

The Center for Educational Research and Evaluation (CERE) has been established as a self-supporting center to provide methodological expertise in research, evaluation, statistics and psychometrics to support the research, teaching and outreach missions of Oklahoma State University.  Consistent with the Oklahoma State University’s Land Grant Mission, a major focus of CERE is to provide support to programs and initiatives that benefit our citizens. CERE will work with Oklahoma schools in the areas of evaluation, professional development training and grant development.  CERE will also work with business, industry and government sectors to provide evaluation services.  Thus, the center is multi-disciplinary and focuses on service to the University, State and Nation.

Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning (CRSTL)

The Center for Research in STEM Teaching and Learning (CRSTL) will nurture and encourage collaborative endeavors in transformative research on STEM teaching and learning that promise extraordinary outcomes in technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels (K-20) and improved STEM education in Oklahoma and the nation.

The Joint Center for Student Affairs Research and Professional Practice

The mission of the Joint Center for Student Affairs Research and Professional Practice (JCSARPP) is to promote international collaboration that advances both research and practice in the field of student affairs.  JCSARPP was launched in November 2017 at two universities, Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).  The Center was created as a collaboration between three parties within these universities: (1) the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at OSU, (2) the Division of Student Affairs at OSU and (3) the University of Science and Technology Beijing.  JSCARPP was the first joint academic center established anywhere in the world to promote student affairs research and best practices.

Laboratories and Research Facilities:

Applied Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory

The Applied Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory is one of the research facilities associated with the Health and Human Performance program area.  Our mission is to perform high-quality research that is both innovative and impactful.  The ANP Lab uses state-of-the-art technology to investigate physiological changes with aging, training, fatigue, disease and more.  Research areas include motor control, proprioception, sensory-motor integration, muscle hypertrophy and atrophy, exercise prescription and training methodologies, athletic or military performance, brain behavior and plasticity, muscle quality, nutrition and dietary supplementation.

Art Lab

Exercise Physiology Lab

Sexual Health Research Lab

The Sexual Health Research Lab at Oklahoma State University is a collaborative group of scholars form across disciplines working to advance sexual health and address sexuality-related health disparities in Oklahoma and beyond. Core faculty have expertise in HIV/AIDS, STIs, rural health, LGBT population health, substance use and reproductive health.

Science Education Lab

The Science Education Laboratory benefits future and current educators by providing a place to experience inquiry-based learning, project synthesis and design and problem solving and research skills.  The science laboratory is utilized for undergraduate (elementary and secondary), graduate and outreach science education courses.  Additionally, this space is used for a variety of K-12 teacher professional development opportunities.

SONA System

The College of Education has implemented an active research participation system called Sona.  This online system allows researchers to post studies for recruitment, instructors to encourage student participation in research activities and students to sign up for participation in research studies. This system has elements to assist the researcher with IRB requirements, to assist instructors with keeping track of participation and to assist students by sending out confidential reminder notices.  Additional information for instructors, researchers and students is provided below.

Emerging Technologies & Creativity Research Lab

The T.E.C.H. Playground provides experiences for those who love to learn, play and explore innovative, creative and imaginative ways to improve teaching and learning with technology. We are committed to facilitating interdisciplinary research by providing innovative tools, opportunities and space for researchers and research teams.

Warm-Water Therapy Laboratory

The Warm-Water Therapy Laboratory is a research area and a teaching area for the Recreational Therapy Program.  The Warm-Water Therapy Laboratory allows for research utilizing various recreational therapy interventions in the aquatic environment to address both physical and behavioral (mental health) limiting conditions such as; Range-of-Motion, Mobility, Balance, Muscular Strength throughout the body, Eye-Hand Coordination, Fine and Gross Motor Abilities, Depression, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and a variety of other life limiting conditions.  The Warm-Water Laboratory is made possible through cooperation with the Stillwater Medical Center. (read more)

Wellness, Health & Equity Research Lab for Social Justice (WHERLS)

This lab is a collaborative space for research and collaborative scholarship and community engagement and partnerships of three faculty members who hold endowed professorships in Counseling, Counseling Psychology and Health Education and Promotion. The lab works in collaboration with other faculty doing related research and, as appropriate in conjunction with other labs on campus such as the Psychobiology Lab and the OSU Sexual Health Research Lab. Multiple research projects including those related to bullying in schools, sexual risk behavior, risk behaviors and alcohol, LGBT transitional  youth, older adult health and well-being, older LGBT and health and well-being, sexual assault and support, exercise persistence have been and are being conducted in center.

Clinics and Centers:

Counseling Psychology Clinic

The Counseling Psychology Clinic strives to offer high quality and cost efficient psychological and mental health services to students and residents of Stillwater and the surrounding areas. Over 500 clients have been served in recent years. Master's level students in community and school counseling and doctoral students on counseling psychology receive training in the Clinic. Faculty also see clients at the Clinic, which takes appointments Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Clinics operate in both Stillwater and Tulsa.

Flight Center 

The OSU Professional Pilot option prepares students for careers in flight operations in both the general aviation and the air carrier segments of the aviation industry.   OSU flight training covers the full spectrum of FAA airman certification with Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, Certified Flight Instructor, CFI-Instrument and CFI-Multiengine courses offered. Flight training at OSU is conducted under exacting FAA Part 141 standards using a proprietary syllabus designed to emphasize automation, multiengine and “real world” operations. The Aerospace Administration and Operations, Professional Pilot Option is available through OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa campuses.

Oklahoma Center for School Business Management 

Since 1993 the Center has provided professional development programs for superintendents, finance directors, personnel directors, school business managers, treasurers, clerks, secretaries, administrators and others responsible for the fiscal operations of career tech and common schools.  The programs are designed to provide knowledge of legal, government and financial dimension and administrative proven techniques, guidelines and strategies.  Some objectives include: apply basic skills of accounting, budgeting and finance, increase efficiency and profitability of resource utilization and investigate the use of decision making techniques in cash management and capital expenditure.

Randall and Carol White Reading and Mathematics Center 

OSU’s highly successful Randall and Carol White Reading and Mathematics Center (RMC) began as the Reading Tutoring Program in 1960's adding mathematics tutoring in 1978.  The RMC’s primary mission is to serve the Stillwater and Tulsa communities with low-cost, high-quality tutoring in reading and mathematics while developing high-quality teachers for Oklahoma, the nation and internationally. The tutoring community outreach has three main goals – (1) to prevent problems in the early years of school, (2) to offer supplemental programs to those who need it and (3) to provide specialized services for the few whose problems persist after intervention

School Psychology Center

School psychology faculty supervise Ph.D. students in offering a wide range of assessment, intervention and consultation services to young people, families and schools. Supervising faculty include licensed health service psychologists and a board certified behavior analyst.  Clinic-based services include comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of children, teens and college-age students; individual and group therapy; and parenting classes. School-based services include consultation with school professionals; conducting functional behavioral assessments; developing behavior plans and interventions; and implementing school- and class-wide academic screening.