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Current Projects

We are interested in conducting research collaborations and providing educational or professional development workshops in the community based on specific needs.

At this time we are primarily conducting qualitative and mixed methods studies. One of our projects is focusing in understanding generational transmission of trauma within family systems. We are also interested in understanding sociocultural factors that affect and contribute to trauma recovery and posttraumatic growth. Our hope is to use what we learn from our current projects and extend our research agenda towards other intersectionalities related to the realm of trauma, trauma recovery, and posttraumatic growth.


Current projects include:


  • Providing an integrative framework for generational trauma for counselors-in-training as well as practitioners to facilitate knowledge as well as qualitative psychosocial information gathering and assessment for individuals, couples, and families who present with generational trauma patterns.
  • Gathering stories of survivors to understand how sociocultural factors affect trauma recovery. Currently recruiting – if interested please fill out the following survey:
  • Gathering stories from families to explore patterns of generational trauma. Will be recruiting shortly.


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