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Oklahoma State University

Social Foundations Graduate Students

Jessica Bridges

  • Comparative and international education
  • Cuban education
  • Issues of race and gender in Education
  • Neoliberalism
Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown

  • STEM Education
  • Education in underrepresented groups

Joan Brown

  • Educational policy
  • Family-school connection
  • Teaching and research
Stepanie Davis

Stephanie Goad

  • International education with an amphasis on the educational experience of international students
  • Studying the US Midwest

Melissa J. Kash-Holley

  • Medical education
  • History of education
  • Higher education
Allison McCartney SCFD Student

Allison McCartney

  • First generation college students' experience
  • College students' success
  • Student retention
  • Culture and education
Glenda Mulanax SCFD student

Glenda Mulanax

  • Educational experiences of undocumented Hispanic students
  • Education of the Hispanic immigrants

James M. Patrick

  • History of Education
  • History of Education pertaining to Children with Learning Disabilities
Kat Rivers SCFD Student

Kathleen Rivers

  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • First generation college students' experience
  • Research
  • Creativity and humor in the classroom
  • Human-animal bond

Lynett Rock

  • Equality of educational opportunities

Mary Frances Root-Tiger

  • Ethnography and Qualitative Research
  • Native American Learning Styles
  • Traditional and Cultural Values of Future Native Leaders

Chris Royer

  • Acculturation
  • International Students
  • History of Education
  • Religious Foundations of Education

Eunice N. Tarver

  • Diversity
  • Inclusion and Engagement in Higher Education
  • Strategies for Addressing Racial Inequities in Education 
Jake Thompson SCFD Student

Jacob Thompson

  • International education
  • Education of the poor
  • Humanistic, individualistic, and modern education
  • Educating the whole Self-Spirit, mind and body
  • Flipped classrooms and the future direction of education

Maria Velasquez-Mulino

  • Academic writing
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Gender and women studies


Nancy Volavka

  • Gender issues in adult education


Taylor Woodall

  • Disabilities Studies
  • Equality of Educational Opportunities

Shari Zimmerman

  • Eco-feminism, environmental values and social justice
  • Feminist Research

Rhonda Harlow

Rhonda Harlow

  • Ecolitercy/Environmental Values
  • School Gardens/Outdoor Classrooms
  • Narrative Inquiry/Ethnography