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Oklahoma State University

Master's Cohort Information

SMED Master's in Mathematics & Science Education

Have you considered getting your masters’ degree?  Do you want to enhance your content knowledge, instructional strategies, and leadership skills in mathematics and/or science?  

This is the program for you - whether you teach 1st grade or HS mathematics and/or science.

Oklahoma State University’s College of Education mathematics and science education faculty would like to invite you to join a special cohort for new and current mathematics and science teachers.  You would be completing a master’s degree in Teaching, Learning and Leadership with an option in mathematics/science education. The coursework is a combination of mathematics and science coursework; however, teachers that are only teaching mathematics or science at any level may work with their advisor to make substitutions to meet their content and grade level needs.  For example, for a mathematics teacher we can substitute problem centered learning in mathematics for the inquiry science course and for the environmental education course, we could substitute the teaching mathematics with technology class.  Click here for more information about the 2-year plan of study.

Is there financial assistance for graduate school?

If you teach mathematics and/or science more than 50% of the school day you can apply for a TEACH grant which is a form of loan forgiveness.  In order to not pay the money back, you would have to complete a four-year teaching service obligation (2 years for each year you receive the grant) teaching elementary, mathematics, or science (the obligation would start upon completion of the master’s degree) in a low-income school.  During your four years of service, you must be teaching mathematics and/or science for more than 50% of the school day.  The TEACH grant will cover a little more than $7500 across the two years of the program.  Additionally, if your school hosts student teachers from OSU, there might be tuition vouchers available that typically cover the tuition for 3-credit course.  (Please visit the TEACH Grant site for more information.)

What is the application process?

Click here for more information on how to apply for the cohort and a two-year plan of study for the cohort.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have.  For you to be fully admitted before summer school starts, all application materials need to be submitted by May 22 otherwise you may have to enroll as a special student, this would require an application fee and then you would pay an application fee for applying to graduate school.