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College of Education Sona System

Phone: 405-744-4659
Office: 210D PIO


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The College of Education has implemented an active research participation system called Sona.  This online system allows researchers to post studies for recruitment, instructors to encourage student participation in research activities, and students to sign up for participation in research studies. This system has elements to assist the researcher with IRB requirements, to assist instructors with keeping track of participation, and to assist students by sending out confidential reminder notices.  Additional information for instructors, researchers, and students is provided below.


Instructors in any College of Education course (undergraduate, graduate, online, onground) are encouraged to enroll their classes to participate in studies for which their students are eligible.  Instructors may choose to have students participate in Sona either for required credit or for extra credit.  Half an hour of participation is equivalent to one Sona credit (on average instructors require/offer two credits of research participation).  Please note that instructors must provide an alternative to research participation in order to comply with research ethics standards. See the Policy for Instructors for more information.

In order to utilize the Sona system, please complete the following three steps:

1. Inform the Sona administrator you would like to add your course to the Sona system by emailing  Please see the Policy for Instructors link below for information you should include in your email.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Inform the students enrolled in your courses about the requirements and options for completing the requirements (either in the syllabus, on a course website, or through a class handout).  See Policy Document for instructions on providing options to your students.

3. Use the course reports produced by Sona to give students the appropriate required or extra credit points.  Additional information and a sample for the syllabus can be found in the Policy for Instructors document below.



Researchers (faculty and graduate students) in the College of Education can use the Sona system to recruit subjects for both online and lab studies.  Sona Systems is used by over 900 universities around the world to manage their subject pools and is in compliance with ethics standards for research with human subjects (

Researchers who participate in Sona must include the approved procedures for the Sona subject pool in their IRB application (verbiage of a sample statement is included in Appendix B of the Researchers Policy attachment) and must have IRB approval prior to participating in the recruitment pool.  Upon obtaining provisional approval from the IRB, researchers must contact the Sona administrator at to register their research project and gain access to the Sona system.  Once researchers are registered, the Sona Administrator will notify the IRB so that full approval for the project may be granted.  Researchers are obligated to accurately record which students participate and enter this information into the Sona system so that instructors may assign the appropriate credit to participating students.  Additional information and frequently asked questions are provided in the attachment below.  Please contact the Sona Administrator with additional questions at



Students in a course utilizing the Sona system should refer to their class syllabus for information on the number of credits that are required or offered as extra credit for the course.  To access your account and current studies, students should go to and use the login information emailed from the Sona system. Login information will be sent during the second week of classes. It is also important to note that the College of Education Sona system and the Department of Psychology Sona system are not related, so students must complete studies from the College of Education Sona website to receive credit for their course.  If you have questions contact the Sona Administrator at

**Important Note:  There are at least two Sona systems at OSU.  One is for the College of Education and one is for Department of Psychology. There is also a system in the College of Business. These systems are not linked.  The login page MUST say College of Education. To ensure proper credit, make sure you are using the correct system.