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Oklahoma State University

Programs & Pathways

International Student Teaching

Students may perform their clinical internship (student teaching) abroad. To learn more about the program including the goals, application process and costs see the International Studies and Student Teaching website.

Urban Teaching Program

OSU and TPS (Tulsa Public Schools) have formed a partnership to prepare teachers for the urban classroom.  OSU teacher candidates, who are admitted to the program, will complete field experiences in TPS partner schools, will participate in TPS professional development along side TPS teachers, and will student teach in TPS school district. Successful program graduates will be given priority hiring status.  For more information on the application process click here.

There are three distinct pathways within the special education program for candidates pursuing a M.S. degree in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (SPED option) and/or Oklahoma Special Education Teacher Certification.

Traditional Pathway

The traditional program is designed for candidates who already have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and hold a teaching credential in their undergrad area of study. Traditional students successfully completed a student teaching experience during their undergraduate program and/or have at least 1 year of classroom experience as a traditionally certified teacher.

Nontraditional Pathway

This program is designed for candidates who are pursuing Oklahoma’s Boot Camp, paraprofessional, or other alternative pathway to Special Education teacher certification and/or have a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than in Education.

Certification Only

This pathway does not result in candidates earning a graduate certificate or a M.S. degree in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (SPED option). The certification only pathway is for candidates completing only 18 hours of graduate level special education coursework to earn an Oklahoma special education teacher certificate. Students pursing this pathway must have completed an OSDE approved Boot Camp in addition to earning 18 hours of graduate level special education coursework.

Candidates from all four pathways must meet all admission, program and degree requirements included in the Special Education handbook. It is important for all candidates to understand their pathway within the special education program. Candidates should contact the special education program coordinator for clarification and/or questions about the different pathways.

Ph.D. in Education, Option: Professional Education (PES), Emphasis Area: Special Education

Prospective students interested in pursuing a special education focused PhD should read the Special Education Program Handbook and the PhD in Education Student Handbook. Both handbooks can be downloaded at PhD students must complete the required common core, research courses, and dissertation hours listed in the PhD in Education Student Handbook and 9 cognate hours and 24 specialization hours.