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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight: Braxton Goins

EHA Student Braxton Goins

Student Spotlight:

Braxton Goins


Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


M.S. Leisure Studies 

Expected Graduation Date:

May 2020

Current Job:

Teaching assistant for the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation

Why did you choose to attend OSU for graduate school?

Attending Oklahoma State has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so choosing to come here was an easy decision. In addition to being accepted to the program, I was also offered the opportunity to teach rock climbing and diversity courses. These opportunities showed me that OSU was committed to investing in my professional development and my scholarly pursuits. That, and the fact that OSU offers one of Oklahoma’s leading graduate programs for recreation management and leisure studies, helped solidify my decision.  

Why did you chose to pursue a degree in leisure studies? 

I chose leisure studies because I have a passion for helping people experience the things that bring them joy. Recreation and leisure is synonymous with sports, games, outdoor adventure and thrilling activities, all of which assist in making people feel alive by connecting and engaging them to things that bring them enjoyment. Learning how to be a professional who more effectively facilitates these experiences was exactly what I wanted to do. 

You recently received a scholarship to attend a conference in your field of study. Expand on this opportunity.

I was recently awarded the B. Dan Camp Scholarship so I can attend the Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute. This is a regional conference that takes place at Sequoyah State Park in Oklahoma. This scholarship is awarded to one outstanding graduate student each year who shows academic excellence in the field of park and recreation, with the desire to advance the field through professional knowledge and scholastic pursuit. Attending conferences has always been a priority for me. By attending this specific conference, I hope to acquire knowledge about the changes in my field and also establish valuable personal and professional connections.

What would you share with someone considering majoring in leisure studies?

I would tell them that if they enjoy helping people, this is the major for them. I would also share that faculty and staff in this program genuinely care about your academic progress and professional development. They go out of their way to make sure you are getting the absolute most out of your time at OSU, while ensuring you gain the hard and soft skills necessary to thrive in the field after graduation. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Oklahoma State University and the leisure studies degree path to anyone considering it.  

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