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Oklahoma State University

Preparing Future Faculty

Oklahoma State University's Preparing Future Faculty in Psychology Program, sponsored by the American Psychological Association, addresses the career interests of OSU doctoral students interested in preparing for academic careers. The PFF Program offers fellows the opportunity to collaborate with doctoral students in other fields of psychology, to learn about teaching, research, service, grantsmanship, and other aspects of academic life, and to be mentored by a faculty member either in, or outside of, their area of specialization. Participants include students and faculty from OSU's five doctoral psychology programs (Clinical, Counseling, School, Educational, and Lifespan Development Psychology), and they also include faculty mentors and students from partner institutions from across Oklahoma.

Fellows in OSU's PFF in Psychology Program commit to a 2-year course of mentorship and training. During this 2-year period, the fellow selects a faculty mentor, writes yearly plans, and chooses activities in which he or she wishes to participate. Activities during the second year include work with at least one partner institution and partner mentor. Yearly plans are approved by the fellow's faculty mentor (and the faculty from the partner institution, if relevant). At the end of each year, the fellow submits a summary of his/her activities to the PFF Steering Committee so that the committee may track student progress, provide feedback to faculty mentors and partner institutions, and make appropriate changes to the PFF program as needed.

Typically, one school psychology student is admitted to the PFF Program each year. Participating students from the School Psychology program should be in their third year when entering the PFF Program. During the 2008-09 academic year, two students in school psychology are participating in the 2-year-long PFF program. School psychology students interested in pursuing PFF fellowship should contact Dr. Sue Jacobs.