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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight: Robin Smith


Student Spotlight: Robin Smith


Robin Smith


Glencoe, Oklahoma


Elementary Education

Expected Graduation Date:

May 2019

What inspired you to major in elementary education?

Teaching has been on my mind and heart for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I would teach to an invisible class or to my stuffed animals. My love for education continued into middle school and high school. Because of several amazing teachers, I was able to see the benefits of being a teacher while also understanding how challenging it can be. They were more than just teachers, they were mentors and role models. I’m excited about starting my senior year and can’t wait until I have my own classroom full of real kids, just like I always imagined. 

What are you involved in outside of EHA?

This past spring semester, I volunteered at Turning Point Ranch, a therapeutic horsemanship ranch in Stillwater. The ranch is specially made for young adults and kids with disabilities to relax and ride horses. Not only is riding horses fun, but it also teaches social skills and the importance of following directions. In the short time I’ve been volunteering at Turning Point Ranch, my eyes and heart have been opened to children with special needs, and I find myself more interested in special education. I love learning about therapeutic riding! 

What are your plans after graduation?

I would really like to teach in a small town, similar to the one I grew up in. I want to influence my future students, like my past teachers influenced and impacted me by truly investing in my education. I’m lucky to have had teachers and professors who teach me more than just what’s on the syllabus, and I hope to do the same with my class someday. Initially, I’d like to teach upper elementary science. I’m also interested in pursuing a master’s degree in special education sometime in the future.

What stands out to you most about the OSU College of Education, Health and Aviation?

The people. Everyone in EHA is very friendly, helpful and welcoming. You will find professors who truly care about your education and your personal life, professors who take the time to make sure you are doing well. It’s very encouraging and motivating to know that your mentors are also your biggest supporters. Once you’ve experienced the family-like atmosphere of EHA, you never want to leave!

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