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Oklahoma State University

Teacher Feature: Andrue Brown

Andrue Brown


Andrue Brown


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (2015)

Current School Site:

Stillwater Middle School (Stillwater Public Schools)

Teaching Position:

Physical Education


Number of Years Teaching:


Teaching Impact:

“Teachers impact so many lives, and I believe Andrue impacts every student he comes in contact with, whether he has them in class or just sees them in the halls.” – Tommie Grant, Co-PE Teacher at Stillwater Middle School

Why did you decide to become an educator:

I have always worked with young people in the community and at church. I fully realized what I wanted to do while tutoring at an elementary school during my freshman and sophomore years at Oklahoma State.

What brings joy to your work?

I really enjoy being able to build relationships with students. Every day, I get the chance to be a bright spot in over 900 students’ day. I get a chance to go out and play games and facilitate non-traditional, educational interaction. 

What impact do teachers have on the lives of their students?

The impact we have as teachers is limitless. Every day that we walk in the door, we have the opportunity to shape the future. We help shape students, and I take great pride in that responsibility. Teaching goes far beyond the material we present in the classroom.

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