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Oklahoma State University

Teacher Feature: Christine Vang

Teacher Christine Vang


Christine Vang


B.S. in Human Environmental Sciences (2011) and M.S. in Teaching, Learning and Leadership with an option in elementary mathematics (2018)

Current School Site:

Perkins-Tryon Elementary (Perkins-Tryon Public Schools in Perkins, Oklahoma)

Teaching Position:

Second grade

Number of Years Teaching:


What makes OSU so special to you?

Oklahoma State felt like a second home to me. It has that family feel to it, and I always felt welcome and wanted there.

How has your OSU degree changed your approach to teaching?

My OSU experience has changed how I view the role of a teacher. Before, I believed I was responsible for telling my students everything they needed to know. Now, I understand students gain so much more when they have opportunities to share thoughts aloud with their peers and, in return, learn from others through well-facilitated mathematical discussions.

A few years ago, you were selected as Perkins-Tryon Teacher of the Year. What did that honor mean to you?

I was a bit surprised because I was such a young teacher at the time. I felt very moved and honored. It was rewarding to know my colleagues noticed the hard work I was putting in and my passion for teaching.

What do you want people to know about education and the teaching profession?

Children are more than the future; they are also the present. How we treat them now and how we invest in education shows how much we value our people. Teachers are some of the most amazing people I know. On top of sometimes working two or more jobs, they always make a point to show their students how much they care.

What are your future plans within the field of education?

I love working with my students, and I don’t want to leave the elementary classroom anytime soon. However, I would like to one day pursue my doctorate degree and work with preservice teachers and conduct research. My hope is to positively affect the lives of many more young learners!

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