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Oklahoma State University

COE Student Technology Fee


COE Student Technology Fee

The College of Education receives funds each semester from a Student Technology Fee.  Student Tech Fee funds are restricted to technology expenditures designated exclusively for the direct use and benefit of COE students.  The COE Student Technology Fee (STF) Committee ensures the best stewardship of these funds and the maximum utilization of these resources.  The COE STF committee consists of representatives from the COE faculty, staff, and student body (both undergraduate and graduate) and meets once each semester.  The committee reviews suggestions and proposals for technology expenditures and submits a recommendation for the expenditure of these funds to the Dean of the College of Education for approval. 

Download the COE Student Tech Fee Request Form

Procedure for submitting a proposal to the COE Student Technology Fee Committee

Requester:  Complete the COE Student Technology Fee Request Form and e-mail the completed form along with any supporting attachments to the School Head for approval.

School Head:  If supportive of the request, please forward the completed form and attachments to Dr. Don Fry, the Chair of the COE STF Committee, at, along with an indication of that support.

  • For consideration at the Spring 2017 Meeting, requests must be received from the School Head by Friday, March 31, 2017.
  • The requester will be notified of the COE STF meeting date by e-mail.  The requester or an alternate must be present at the meeting to sponsor the proposal and to answer questions from the committee.
  • After the COE STF Committee meeting, the requester will be notified of the status of the request and, if approved by the Dean, COE Technology will contact the requester to initiate and coordinate purchase(s) and implementation.