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Oklahoma State University

EHA Willard Hall Scheduling Guidelines

Use of public space which does not involve regular classroom instruction or assignment by the College of Education, Health and Aviation must be scheduled through the College of Education, Health and Aviation’s representative in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Designated areas of Willard Hall may be scheduled for functions that are consistent with the purposes of the University and do not unnecessarily interfere with or disrupt regularly scheduled classes or the primary functions of the College.

  • Events may not be scheduled during official University holidays, when facilities are closed or without special permission from the Dean of Education, Health and Aviation’s representative.

  • Removal or rearrangement of furniture will not be permitted in Willard Hall.  The furniture must stay where it is.  Additional furnishings may not be brought into the facility without the expressed approval and arrangement of the College of Education, Health and Aviation’s representative.  The party reserving the room is responsible for ordering any additional furniture.  This can be done through Facilities Management Moves/Special Events.  If the furniture is moved, your account will be charged to have the furniture moved back into place.

  • The party reserving the room is responsible for ordering any refreshments that are required.  When an event requiring refreshments is held, the party reserving the room is responsible for disposing of all food and paper products before leaving. (These rooms are open until 10:00 p.m. daily for use by others.)

  • Dances, parties, DJs, or bands will not be permitted in Willard Hall. The use of facilities will normally be restricted to receptions, speakers, lectures and special meetings.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol is permitted in or around Willard Hall or as part of a scheduled event.  Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere on campus, including in and around Willard Hall.  OSU is a tobacco free campus.

  • For fire safety, open candle flames will not be permitted; they must be properly enclosed in containers that cover the flames and collect drippings.  Fireworks of any type are prohibited in or around Willard Hall.

  • The use of rice, seeds, bubbles, confetti, smoke/haze machines or other materials, which may cause damage or extraordinary cleaning, will not be permitted in the building or on the Terrace.

  • The event sponsor/“responsible party” (a faculty or staff representative in the case of a student organization) shall be held responsible for any damages to the scheduled facilities or for any extraordinary cleaning required.

  • Event display signs (located in the Willard lobby) are for College of Education, Health and Aviation staff use ONLY. They are NOT to be used by others or moved from their locations at any time or for any event.


Designated Public Space in Willard Hall/Lawn

  • Willard Living Room
  • Patio/Terrace
  • East Parlor
  • Other areas which may be designated by the Dean of Education, Health and Aviation
  • Contact Meetings & Conference Services at (405) 744-5232 or for Willard Lawn rental (the College of Education, Health and Aviation is not responsible for events on the Lawn)


Contact Information for Willard scheduling

Business and Finance Office
330 Willard Hall
Phone: (405) 744-8037
Fax: (405) 744-6399


Willard Piano Policy

The Grand Piano in the Willard Living Room of the College of Education, Health and Aviation is available for use on special occasions. The piano is available as part of the rental agreement for special events. To arrange for use of the piano, contact the College of Education, Health and Aviation representatives.

The College of Education, Health and Aviation periodically will have the piano tuned as deemed necessary, so the piano should be in good tune at all times. 

The piano is not to be moved from its permanent location in Willard Living Room.

The piano is locked at all times to prevent damage. To check out the key for the piano, please contact the College of Education, Health and Aviation representative weekdays between 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00-5:00 p.m. The key may be checked out the day of the event unless other arrangements are made with the EHA representative.

To schedule a practice session with the grand piano, please contact the EHA representative weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Upon completion of your function, lock the piano and put the key in the drop box located outside the west front door of Willard or return the key to the EHA representative. If the piano is damaged while you are renting it, repairs will be made and you will be responsible for those charges.


Willard Key Policy

For weekend or after-hours events, keys will be checked out to our facilities.  Keys will only be checked out 8am-12pm and 1-4pm and may be picked up the day of an after-hours event or the Friday before a weekend event.  Come to 330 Willard Hall to check out keys.  After your event, keys must be put in the drop box located outside the west front door of Willard or returned to 330 Willard Hall the following business day.


Contact Information for OSU Vendors

There may be additional charges for specific services rendered by Campus Caterers, Facilities Management or other service agencies if required for your event. All arrangements for these services are the responsibility of the party requesting services and must be made through the individual vendor.


Facilities Management Moves/Special Events

*tables & chairs

Kevin Black
FM 116A
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: (405) 744-7163 


Meetings & Conference Services

*Reservations of Willard Lawn

Phone: (405) 744-5232 or


Campus Caterers

Celebrations Catering – (405) 744-7053

Rancher’s Club Catering - (405) 744-6835


Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire, Police, Ambulance -------- 911    

Non-Emergency Phone  Numbers

                                         On Campus                          Off Campus

Fire                               (405) 744-7241                    (405) 372-0497

Police                            (405) 744-6523                    (405) 372-4171

Ambulance                                                                (405) 372-4171


Academic Building Emergencies (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC)

Facilities Management Action Desk, Mon-Fri – 8:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m: (405) 744-7154

After hours call: (405) 744-6523




Oklahoma State University strives to provide all faculty, staff, students and visitors a campus that is reasonably safe against fires and other emergencies.  Among the many tools that Environmental Health & Safety uses to achieve this goal is the regulation of public assembly.  OSU Policy & Procedures #3-0830 stresses the importance of providing for safety during events when large numbers of persons are in attendance (concert, seminar, speaker, banquet, commencement, sports, etc.).  The Life Safety Code addresses these concerns when at least 50 people are assembled for an event.

Three main areas of concern are the occupancy load of the location, the number of exits required and the presence of crowd control management personnel.  These variables change as the number of expected attendance increases.

In order to assist you and your group in planning your next event involving public assembly, the University Fire Marshal (UFM) provides the following checklist:

1. Once you have gained approval for use of the space where your event will be held, contact the UFM to discuss the event.  The calculation of occupancy load may be necessary to determine how many tickets can be sold for the event or how many people will be permitted to attend.  This should be done as far in advance as possible to avoid over-selling of tickets.

2. Once the occupancy load has been established, the UFM can work with you to establish the number of Crowd Managers and similar EHS support that will be required to safeguard attendees.  In the case of smaller events, this may not be required; however, this should be confirmed ahead of time with the UFM.

3. Approximately 14 days in advance, if EHS support is required, contact Stephen Boles of EHS to arrange for scheduling of EHS staff.  You must provide him with the name of the contact person(s) and how the EHS crew may contact them once they arrive on assignment at the event.  This person must be available to meet with EHS personnel at the time of the event.

4. No less than 10 days prior to the event, contact the Physical Plant and OSU PD to confirm their ability to support the event.

Please feel free to contact the University Fire Marshal at 744-7241 if you have questions or need additional information.