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Kelsey Ratcliff
Kelsey Ratcliff serves as the Family and Consumer Science and 4-H Educator in Coal County.  She began her Extension career in October of 2013.  Kelsey graduated from Indianola High School; a small school in Pittsburg County.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science Education from East Central University in 2011.  Kelsey worked as a Child Welfare Investigator for the Department of Human Services before finding her way to Extension.  Her Issue Teams in Coal County are Hunger, Jobs and Employment, and Risky Behaviors.
For the Jobs and Employment Issue Team, Kelsey thoroughly enjoys teaching the PRIDE program.  PRIDE stands for Producing Responsible, Informed, Devoted Employees.  The PRIDE program teaches participants outstanding customer service skills and showcases the points of interest within the county.  For the Hunger Issue Team, Kelsey’s most popular programs have to do with Home Food Preservation.  Canning classes in Coal County for both youth and adults tend to always fill up quickly.  For the Risky Behaviors Issue Team, Kelsey teaches Active Parenting (A general parenting class) and Co-Parenting for Resilience (A class for parents going through divorce) to adult audiences and Health Rocks (A drug and alcohol prevention program) and Internet Safety to youth audiences.  While these are some of the most popular programs, the FCS program in Coal County offers a wide variety of classes and workshops.
Kelsey Ratcliff giving a demo in the kitchen
Kelsey Ratcliff helping a man at a canning workshop
Kelsey has always admired the Extension profession, but for many years saw it as only a dream.  Kelsey has always thought highly of Extension Educators and the profession but never imagined she would actually be chosen to be counted among their ranks.  She feels the Lord led her to her career in Extension, as she only found out about the position opening about four hours before the application period ended.  Kelsey feels tremendous fulfillment in her career, as she feels what she is doing actually matters and makes positive differences in the lives of people and families who choose to participate.



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