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America's Brightest Educators

Invest in the next generation of teachers
The Educating Forward initiative was developed to help those students who are pursuing a degree in education by providing scholarship support. We believe Oklahoma’s children deserve exceptionally well-prepared teachers in every class, every year. Join us as we prepare the next generation of America's Brightest Educators. 

Honor a Teacher

with your gift
Educating Forward aims to celebrate influential teachers, to inspire and support the next generation of educators and to recognize the importance of teachers in the lives of Oklahomans. Honor a teacher who had a significant impact in your life with a gift of any amount. 

The Need

Easing the burden for future teachers
While OSU's commitment to prepare the next generation of educators continues, the financial burden associated with the teaching profession is a hindrance for students and adds to the extreme shortage of teachers in Oklahoma. To put things into perspective, the average starting salary for a teacher in Oklahoma is $36,601, while the average student loan debt for an OSU graduate is $23,790. 
We need more teachers — specifically those who were prepared and trained at Oklahoma State University.

OSU Teacher EducationExcellent teachers make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of their students.


reached by an elementary school teacher during a 30-year career. 

taught by a secondary school teacher during a career. 
Total Undergraduate Enrollment

in 2019-2020
Total Alumni

 Since 2013

Hanna Steward

“Scholarships are cherished. Scholarships mean someone believes in what I am doing . Scholarships mean education is valuable.”

- Andrea Short
Secondary Education Major


Rachel Tribble Senior Director of DevelopmentOSU
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