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WelcomeCollege of Education and Human Sciences

Our newly formed college brings together programs from the former College of Education, Health and Aviation and the College of Human Sciences. People are at the core of all we do to enhance and improve lives.

Meet our administration

Who we are

The College of Education and Human Sciences is a group of service-minded faculty, staff, students and partners who enhance lives through innovative research, teaching and engagement.

What we do

With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, we advance the land-grant mission by developing socially-responsible lifelong learners and scholars who serve others to enhance the education, health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

A strong reputation

Providing a high-quality academic experience.
We strive for excellence in preparing the next generation of leaders in education, health, aviation, human development and more. Our 195 faculty and more than 180 full-time staff share a commitment to diverse peoples’ well-being and development across the lifespan.

By the numbersCollege of Education and Human Sciences

Total enrollment

Undergraduate and graduate
Academic programs

Undergraduate, graduate, certificate and online
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For 2021-2022
Centers, clinics and labs

Discovering and applying new knowledge


More Information


Our people and programs are housed within the following buildings across the OSU campus:

  • Nancy Randolph Davis and Nancy Randolph Davis West
  • Willard Hall
  • Colvin Recreation Center
  • OSU Flight Center
  • Public Information Office
  • OSU-Tulsa


Students, faculty and staff have access to three computer labs within our college:

  • Willard Computer Lab and Resource Center (002 Willard Hall)
  • Nancy Randolph Davis Computer Lab (037 Nancy Randolph Davis)


Students, faculty, staff and university-affiliated organizations can reserve classroom, conference, event and meeting space in the following buildings:

  • Willard Hall
  • Colvin Recreation Center (academic wing)
  • Nancy Randolph Davis and Nancy Randolph Davis West
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