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Oklahoma State University

Design, Housing & Merchandising - Faculty Expertise

Name Expertise  

Cosette Armstrong
Associate Professor

Sustainability education
Sustainable design and consumption

DHM Faculty
Lynn Boorady
Professor/Department Head

Global issues in textiles and apparel
Sustainability issues in fashion
Functional/protective apparel
Product Development
Size and fit of apparel

Lynn Boorady

Heather Carter
Assistant Professor

Interior Design certification for pre-professionals
Accessible/universal design
Residential spaces
Place making 
Older adult late life residential transitions
Sustainably built environments
Environment and behavior 

Heather Carter

Tilanka Chandrasekera
Assistant Professor

Virtual and Augmented reality focused research
Application of Tangible User Interfaces in Design Education
Application of digital technology for geriatric design practices (Gerontechnology)
Computational Design and Design Cognition Navigation and Wayfinding research in interior environments
Facility management and hospitality industry focused research

DHM Faculty

Greg Clare
Associate Professor

Food Recall Consumer Response & Message Design
Nutrition Label Design
Consumer Response to Nutrition Label Information to Improve Health
Older Consumer Behavior
Circadian Rhythms
Lighting Design and Facility Interventions to Enhance Caregiver/Client Wellbeing
Food Packaging and Lighting Design
DHM Faculty
Paulette Hebert
Professor/Humphreys Chair
Lighting Design
Facility Design and Management
Sustainable Design
DHM Faculty
Aditya Jayadas
Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator
Holistic Environmental Design (HED) for different human systems
Empathic and co-design of duty belt and vehicle seat for police officers
Understanding the needs of patient and caregivers in rural areas
Human Factors and Ergonomics
Balance, strength & biomechanics of slips & falls in older individuals
Improving the shopping experience for older individuals
DHM Faculty
Diane Limbaugh
Teaching Instructor
Product development
Apparel manufacturing
Social media and how it influences marketing of products as well as education
Diane Limbaugh
Sumit Mandal
Assistant Professor
Textile & Apparel Science
Textile Engineering & Technology
Protective Textiles & Clothing
Thermal Protective Clothing
DHM Faculty
Leslie Moore
Visiting Faculty
NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer

35+ years industry experience
Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential
Space planning, Project management, Product specification, Order Procurement
Design firm principal/owner

Dr. Leslie Moore
Shiretta Ownbey
Professor/Faculty Fellow-Academic Project Team Leader
Student engagement
Student success
Student retention
Study of experiential learning and how it is best integrated in the curriculum in higher education to engage students
DHM Faculty
June Park
Assistant Professor
Consumer experiences in digital retail settings (e.g., e-commerce, s-commerce) and sustainable consumption behavior of apparel products
DHM Faculty
Gina Peek
Associate Professor/Interim Associate Dean
Maintenance of built and near enviornments 
Consumer resource management
DHM Faculty
Semra Peksoz
Associate Professor
Functional clothing design and evaluation
Performance testing of apparel and textile products for the industry
Kinesiology of human body especially when it applies to performance in functional clothing
Development of smart garments embedded with multiple sensors for continuous monitoring of at risk patients
Developing collaborative multi-discipline educational programs that link functional apparel with research areas such as medicine/patient care and space exploration.
DHM Faculty
Adriana Petrova
Associate Professor
Fit of apparel
Sizing of apparel
Design, development, and testing of functional and protective apparel
Applications of 3D body scanning for design and evaluation
DHM Faculty
Emily Roberts
Assistant Professor
Environmental Gerontology
Dementia Environments
Culture Change in Long Term Care
Family Caregivers/ Caregiver Burden
DHM Faculty