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Oklahoma State University

Ph.D. In Education

Ph.D. In Education cover Photo

The Ph.D. in Education program is designed to prepare future scholars and leaders in the field of education. Unlike a master’s degree program, which is generally quite structured, a Ph.D. program requires that you take ownership of your own learning. The faculty is here to assist and guide you, but it is important that you take responsibility for both your own personal learning and your progress through the program. In order to assist you, this handbook is intended to provide an overview of the requirements of the program and the resources available.


  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use research knowledge in making educational decisions and to use research skills necessary for the creation and dissemination of new knowledge.
  • Students should demonstrate an advanced understanding of the social, psychological, cultural, moral and ethical dimensions of teaching and learning.
  • Students should demonstrate an understanding of the pedagogical implications of diversity and individual differences.
  • Students should demonstrate sensitivity to the impact of technology on education, and competency in the use of technology to enhance research and instruction.
  • Students should demonstrate the ability to act as proactive agents who have the knowledge and leadership skills for needed improvement, change and transformation in educational settings.