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Oklahoma State University

Financial Assistance


OSU and the College of Education offer scholarships to support students pursuing degrees in our program.  OSU-Tulsa also offers scholarships for students enrolled through OSU-Tulsa.  New students are eligible to apply for scholarships in their first year;  for fullest consideration, please submit the application for admission to the degree program, as well as the College of Education’s scholarship application and/or the OSU-Tulsa scholarship application, by February 1.

Graduate Assistantships:

Graduate assistantships are also available for students at the Master’s and Doctoral level. All graduate assistantships provide a monthly stipend as well as tuition and health insurance.  Students on a graduate assistantship are responsible for paying all student fees. 

  • A graduate assistant serves a support role for OSU faculty or administrators while completing their post-graduate education. A graduate assistant can assist with instructional responsibilities as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) or with research responsibilities as a graduate research assistant (GRA). REMS Graduate Assistants may also be funded through the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation  (CERE). Graduate assistants can also be employed by other university departments across campus (such as residence life or academic advising) in an entry-level capacity. Assistantships provide practical experience for graduate students, thus increasing their future employment options.