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Oklahoma State University

The P.E.T.E. Project

Preparing, Empowering, Transforming and Engaging 

Students on campus

The P.E.T.E. Project is a living-learning program for students with a declared major in the College of Education and Human Sciences. Participants are housed on the third Floor of West University Commons where they live alongside P.E.T.E. Project Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) and Community Mentors (CMs), who serve as leaders and facilitators helping students engage and navigate their early college experience.

The P.E.T.E. Project prepares students for active learning, engages students in community development, transforms students’ leadership potential and empowers student decision-making. Through intentional programming and activities, participants build relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff while also developing themselves academically, personally and professionally.  Students active in the P.E.T.E. Project experience a sense of community and multi-faceted support for their success.

The P.E.T.E. Project provides:

  • Experiences that facilitate student friendships at the beginning of the year.
  • Connections with peers in the same or similar courses before classes begin.
  • Access to experienced and trained peer mentors who can answer student questions at any time.
  • Encouragement, support and resources to succeed at OSU.
  • Formal leadership opportunities within the group and involvement in student organizations.
  • Service learning and volunteer experiences.
  • Opportunities to build mentor relationships with faculty and staff outside of the classroom.

The P.E.T.E. Project creates:

  • Connections and friendships within a student’s major and academic college.
  • A sense of family at OSU.
  • Easy to form study groups for students’ classes.
  • Future student leaders at OSU.
  • Confident and resourceful students.

Application process:

  • Applications open October 1.
  • Students should apply through their OSU undergraduate admissions application status portal here.
  • Participation is limited to 60 students each academic year.
  • Selection to the program occurs during the spring and summer months, until space is filled.
  • There is an $85 program fee required for selected participants.

P.E.T.E. Project Student Blog

Scott King

Scott King
P.E.T.E. Project Coordinator
Oklahoma State University
102 G Willard
Stillwater, OK 74078