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Student Testimonials

RaiNesha Miller

"OSU's Counseling Psychology Program has been tremendous in my growth as an academic and clinician. The faculty encourage me to move beyond the confines of my research and put my passion for understanding the lived experiences as well as the psychological and emotional well-being of marginalized and oppressed groups into action. I have had the freedom to choose practicum, outreach and research opportunities that emphasize an interdisciplinary approach."

- RaiNesha Miller
PhD Student, Counseling Psychology
Stephanie Zackery

"The counseling master's program provided me with the opportunity to learn and practice my skills as a counselor in a variety of ways, from early skills classes to support through my experience as a counseling intern. Additionally, I feel I've been able to have a community with others in my cohort and develop positive relationships with professors who care about me as a student, a future counselor and a person, leading to a positive and safe experience. I have also been able to get involved in and develop my own research through working with a professor."

- Stephanie Zackery
MS Student, Counseling
Amirha Lynch

"If I had to use one word to describe being a part of the master’s mental health program at OSU, it would definitely be “growth.” While I’ve learned so much about the counseling process, I have also learned more about myself and what I am capable of. I’ve been provided a copious unconditional support during this journey and it’s influenced me to accept who I am as not only a practicing counselor, but also as a person."

- Amirha Lynch
MS Student, Counseling


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