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Experiential teaching lab

for 2D and 3D pattern design
Fashion design and production students are trained to use the most up-to-date Gerber software and automated solutions, including computer-aided design and hardware essential to the fashion industry. This unparalleled access to technology and training produces highly prepared and highly sought after graduates.

Premier partnership

with Gerber Technology
We have a longstanding relationship with Gerber, which includes the company choosing OSU as the first university to outfit a single training space with its comprehensive software and hardware technology. For the past 20 years, Gerber software has been our computer pattern making program of choice.

Technology and equipment

simulating real-world industry processes
Lab capabilities include scanning and digitizing patterns into the computer, determining the weight and drape of fabric using the Katabata system, designing garments, plotting pattern pieces and creating marker files to be cut and then sewn in the Sewn Products Lab. Gerber's Yunique Product Lifestyle Management (PLM) allows students to create tech packs manufacturers need for mass production. Students also have the opportunity to create garments in 3D by placing them on an avatar to simulate and evaluate model fit before they ever begin to sew a sample together. The 3D body scanner (housed outside of the lab) takes measurements used to create an avatar model, which are then uploaded to the Gerber system to determine size and fit.


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