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Course Rotation Schedule

Please note this schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Course Format Even FA Odd FA Even SP Odd SP SU
EPSY 5001 Colloquium F2F X X      
EPSY 5103 Human Development** Online/F2F** 2X 2X X X X
FDEP 5183 Theories of Social Psychology Online         X
EPSY 5320 Seminar: Academic Writing Online X X      
EPSY 5403 Issues of Adolescent Dev. Online       X  
EPSY 5463 Psych of Learning Online X X X X X
EPSY 5473 Psych of Adult Learning* Online X X      
EPSY 5553 Motivation in Learning Contexts Online     X X  
EPSY 5603 Developmental Issues in Instruction Online     X    
EPSY 5663 Creativity for Teachers Online     X    
EPSY 5983 Instructional Effectiveness in Higher Ed* Hybrid       X  
EPSY 6163 Emotion & Cognition F2F     X X  
EPSY 6153 Advanced Research in Educational Psychology F2F     X    
EPSY 6043 Adult Development*** F2F X        
EPSY 6533 Human Motivation F2F   X      
EPSY 6533 Human Motivation F2F X        
EPSY 6443 Theories and Problems F2F       X  

* Serves as an elective for the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching.

**Online is the default format; Face-to-face (F2F) is available when two sections are offered in the given semester.

*** Offerings currently suspended. Consult your advisor for update.

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