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Graduate Assistants

Many graduate students in the Educational Psychology program have the opportunity to teach a variety of classes at the undergraduate level, including courses that focus on the psychology of learning, child/adolescent development, motivation and creativity within formal/informal learning contexts. Although most assistantships involve classroom instruction as a Graduate Teaching Assistant/Associate (GTA), some students also have the opportunity to serve as a Graduate Research Assistant/Associate (GRA).

Jati Ariati

"I'm interested in students’ sense of belonging during the learning process, especially those influenced by cultural background, such as international students’ community. More specifically, I'm interested in how all parties (e.g., teacher, student) co-create an inclusive learning environment to improve motivation and performances by involving educational technology. I am hoping to have Indonesian cuisine food truck to introduce my culture."

- Jati Ariati, Doctoral Student
Brandi Bowers

“My research interests include online instruction/learning, motivation, student anxiety, and self-efficacy. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my husband and son.”

- Brandi Bowers, Doctoral Student
Kristi Bright

"My research interest includes international students, the college adjustment process, first-generation students, motivation to study abroad and self-efficacy. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, and being outdoors."

- Kristi Bright, Doctoral Student
Kevin Gray

“My research interests are motivation, heuristics, emotion, and their influence on learning. I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, and exploration/survival video games.”

- Kevin Gray, Doctoral Student
Cody Long

"I'm currently interested in improving educational resources and pedagogies for low-income and underserved students. Research often shows that these students are at a disadvantage in the educational realm, and I wish to decrease this gap in academic success. Prior work of mine has included applying social class theory to survey measures of socioeconomic status, as well as analyzing the perceptions students with low-income status have about online learning environments."

- Kody Long, Doctoral Student
GRA/Assistant Director for Motivation in Classrooms Lab
Krystal Moore

“My research interests include high-risk students, impacts of socioeconomic status on education, and LGBTQ+ studies. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and outdoor activities when it cools down in the fall.”

- Krystal Moore, Doctoral Student
Thomas Pham

“My research interest includes research and evaluation in educational and nonprofit organizations, motivation theories, communication technologies and complex trauma concerning youth and emerging adults' socioemotional development and general wellbeing. I enjoy serving at local nonprofits, cooking/baking, catching up with family and friends, or playing with my pets in my free time.”

- Thomas Pham, Doctoral Student
Christina Regier

"My research interests include: motivation, mindfulness, studying musicians, cognition, educational technology and online instruction. I enjoy coffee, traveling, learning new things, playing clarinet, hanging out with my family and two dogs."

- Christina Regier, Doctoral Student
GTA Lead Facilitator/Support Specialist, GRA for the Theory-to-Practice: Educational Psychology for Teachers and Teaching book discussion
Christina Smith

“My primary research interest focuses on bullying/peer victimization and how these behaviors impact certain aspects within education (e.g., motivation, self-efficacy) and overall socioemotional development. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends/family, cuddling with my fur child Chloe, trying out new recipes, and binging Netflix!”

- Christina Smith, Doctoral Student
Ngan Tran

“My research interests include motivation, self-efficacy, teacher-student relationships and teacher professional development. I love singing, traveling, learning new things, and collecting stationery.”

- Ngan Tran, Doctoral Student
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