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Undergraduate Certificate in Learning and Motivation

Will you be working with people? The Undergraduate Certificate in Learning and Motivation will augment your degree with coursework that provides insight into contemporary understandings of human learning, development and motivation across a variety of contexts. Topics include the role of beliefs in motivation and behavior, critical thinking and creativity and complex cognitive processes. This 18 hour certificate can be earned entirely online, though some courses do have face-to face sections available for those that prefer the classroom experience.


  • Declare the undergraduate certificate with your advisor.
  • Be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program from OSU
  • Earn a grade of “C” or higher for all courses counting toward the certificate
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 for all courses counting toward the certificate.



  • Content can be readily applied to diverse fields of study – whether your degree is in education, business, communications, economics, health promotion, hotel/restaurant administration, human services, journalism, natural resource management, political science, psychology or theater – you'll find ways to connect class content with your professional goals.
  • Communicate to potential employers that you understand human learning, development and motivation – important for any career that involves working with people (from athletic trainer to management).
  • Interested in being a teacher? This certificate aligns with the American Psychological Association’s Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education’s Top 20 Principles for Teaching and Learning, preparing you to be effective when in the classroom.
  • At only 18 credit hours and fully online options for many courses, you decide when, where, and how quickly to complete the certificate!
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