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In total, our growing fleet includes: 

Piper PA-44-180 Seminole

Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4)

Seminoles are the training industry standard twin-engine aircraft. We have two “steam” and two “glass” Seminoles. Our “glass” aircraft were purchased and delivered new in fall 2017 and have the Garmin G-1000 NXi avionics with full auto-pilots.

Cessna 182 Skylane

Cessna 182 Skylane (1)

A more powerful version of the ubiquitous C-172 Skyhawk, our “straight-leg” Skylane is a back-up training, supplemental aircraft used primarily for sourcing parts from local Oklahoma aircraft suppliers to maintain the remainder of our fleet. It is equipped with two Garmin GNS-430s.

Cessna 172

Cessna 172 Skyhawk (17)

Our G-1000 equipped aircraft are roughly split between the R (160 hp) and S (180 hp) models. We also have four “steam” Skyhawks to accommodate heavier instructor/student combinations.

Cessna 152

Cessna 152 Commuter (5)

These are our primary (private pilot) trainers and have been an industry standard for over 40 years. Each is equipped with a Garmin GNS-430.

Cessna 150

Cessna 150 Trainer (1)

This very special aircraft is the Flying Aggies student club aircraft. Completely refurbished, it is equipped with a Garmin GNS-430, but not used for professional pilot syllabus training flights, only recreational rental.

Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR-20 (14)

The technologically advanced Cirrus SR series boasts an impressive list of features and capabilities found on today’s advanced airliners, highlighted by the Garmin Perspective+ Integrated Avionics suite.

Redbird MCX Simulator

Redbird MCX Simulator (1)

A dual station, full-motion simulator ideal for training flight solely by reference to instruments.

Matrix CRJ-200 Simulator

Flight Safety Matrix CRJ-200 Simulator (1)

An open-platform, jet simulator used for teaching cockpit automation and crew resource management.


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