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OSU’s Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Administration and Operations is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a qualifying degree program for the Restricted Privilege Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) designation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the R-ATP designation?

FAA rules stipulate that pilots can serve as second-in-command crew members for Part 121 carriers with “restricted privileges” if they meet specific criteria outlined in the new regulations. To qualify for the exemption, a first officer must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Be an ex-military pilot with at least 750 hours total time
  • Be a college graduate holding an aviation bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 1,000 hours total time
  • Hold an aviation associate’s degree and have at least 1,250 hours


How do I qualify for R-ATP designation by OSU?

You must earn a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Administration and Operations at Oklahoma State University and successfully complete 60 credit hours (to qualify for the 1,000 flying hour eligibility) or 30 credit hours (to qualify for the 1,250 flying hour eligibility) from the list of approved FAA courses listed below:


  • AVED 1113: Theory of Flight
  • AVED 1114: Theory of Flight
  • AVED 1222: Primary Flight Lab
  • AVED 1222: Primary Flight Lab I
  • AVED 1232: Primary Flight Lab II
  • AVED 1403: Advanced Theory of Flight
  • AVED 2113: History of Aviation
  • AVED 2122: Intermediate Flight Lab
  • AVED 2132: Instrument Flight Lab
  • AVED 2133: Instrument Flight Lab
  • AVED 2142: Commercial Maneuvers Flight Lab
  • AVED 2213: Theory of Instrument Flight
  • AVED 2214: Theory of Instrument Flight
  • AVED 2313: Theory of Commercial Flight
  • AVED 3231: Theory of Multiengine Flight
  • AVED 3243: Human Factors in Aviation
  • AVED 3333: Advanced Aircraft Systems
  • AVED 3341: Multiengine Flight Lab
  • AVED 3443: Aviation Law
  • AVED 3443: Aviation Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • AVED 3533: Aircraft Turbine Engine Operations
  • AVED 3553: General Management
  • AVED 4100: Specialized Studies in Aviation
  • AVED 4113: Aviation Safety
  • AVED 4133: Principles of Flight Instruction
  • AVED 4200: Internship in Aviation
  • AVED 4232: Certified Flight Instructor Flight Lab
  • AVED 4303: Aviation Weather
  • AVED 4333: Advance Aircraft Performance
  • AVED 4353: Cockpit Automation
  • AVED 4703: Crew Resource Management
  • AVED 4813: Airport Transportation Compliance
  • AVED 4943: Basic Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • AVED 4990: Pilot Proficiency Flight
  • AVED 4331: Flight Instructor: Instrument Flight Lab
  • AVED 4771: Flight Instructor Multiengine Flight Lab
  • GEOG 3033: Meteorology
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