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Program Model


Opportunity Orange Scholars will align with requirements for future accreditation as a Comprehensive Transition Program and will be modeled after the best-practice programs in the nation, which include the following four components:


  • Independent Living: On-campus, inclusive housing with trained Community Mentor support. Education Focus: Living independently, time management, and navigating transportation.
  • Social Skills: Engagement in social and physical fitness activities. Education Focus: Participation in student campus organizations and community engagement.
  • Academics: Enrollment in program specific and course catalog classes. Trained student assistants provide support as needed in course catalog class. Education Focus: Satisfactory academic progress as an adult learner, including knowledge to manage the basics of a personal budget, health, wellness, and nutrition.
  • Career Development: Paid and unpaid internships each semester, including on- and off-campus sites. Education Focus: Successful integrated employment in a competitive job of choice.

Opportunity Orange Scholars will include a two-year, non-degree Certificate Program with an additional two-year, non-degree Advanced Certificate Program option.


  • The initial two-year, non-credit Certificate Program in Career and Community Studies will incorporate functional and traditional academics; independent living; employment and career development; social skills; and health and wellness skills with the aim of producing self-determined graduates.
  • The two-year, non-credit Advanced Certificate Program in Community Living and Engagement will place emphasis on sustained employment, community integration, and independent living with reduced supports for select students who successfully complete the initial, two-year Certificate Program in Career and Community Studies and demonstrate development in the ability to safely live independently and sustain employment.
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