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A Taste of Italy



Italy’s cultural cuisine is iconic to its global identity. Yet modern trends in food and consumer sciences have dramatically influenced: the types and varieties of foods produced, food preparation techniques, kitchen tools and shortcuts, the advent of convenience foods and the fast food movement. This 10-day, two-credit travel course explores Italy’s “Slow Food Movement,” the strategic preservation of the country’s cultural and culinary traditions, as experienced by the producers, manufacturers, marketers and restauranteurs who have adapted to modern market demands while preserving the exquisite and historic “Taste of Italy.” While abroad, daily tours and targeted experiences across bustling cities and through picturesque, country villages have been selected to help support your global competency development. You’ll return to OSU with vibrant memories of culinary lessons, food tasting and guided tours, along with a better understanding of Italy’s innovative, and most delicious, response to change.  


  • Available to all OSU enrolled students and community members*
  • Scholarships and grants are available
  • Registration Deadline: Feb. 10, 2021

*Community members, contact International Programs Coordinator for details.

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