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Educators are advocates. As ethical professionals, we have an ongoing obligation to:


  • Enact and advocate for teaching practices that serves our students’ needs.
  • Work to foster more equitable schools and communities in which each student can thrive.
  • Care for ourselves in order to sustain our well-being, which allows us to be fully present for our students and makes our vital advocacy efforts sustainable.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in our communities (in local and/or digital spaces) to learn from and with one another and to amplify our voices through shared advocacy work.
  • Work for policies and practices at the district, state and federal levels that advance students’ needs and promote and reflect respect for the teaching profession.
  • Invite our creative, kind, smart, savvy students, friends and family members to consider joining us in this truly difference-making profession, mindful of the incredible teacher shortage that our nation and Oklahoma in particular are facing, as well as the need for a more racially and ethnically diverse workforce in our profession to better reflect the rich diversity of the children and families we serve.  


Ginger Billman

“Some of my proudest accomplishments as a teacher are not only inspiring and creating a love of learning for my students, but also inspiring student teachers and fellow colleagues in my building and across the state. I think OSU prepared me to be a teacher not just from the classes I took, but from the leadership roles they encouraged me to be a part of.”

- Ginger Billman
Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Finalist


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