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Education and Human Sciences

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Developing outstanding educators

We prepare educators who lead in the global community and advocate for high-quality education for all. Students experience rural, suburban and urban educational settings and a low student-to-faculty ratio. Our graduates make transformative impacts on schools, people and communities, helping children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.

Program Areas

We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience by developing and expanding programs that are accessible, flexible and meet the needs of today’s student.

Curriculum Studies

Become a curriculum leader, planner, administrator, consultant, professional development specialist or researcher.

Elementary Education

Teach grades 1-8 all subjects, including math, science, reading/language arts and social studies.

Language, Literacy and Culture

Embrace the intersections of language, literacy and culture as transformative spaces for teaching and learning.

Reading and Literacy Education

Advance your effectiveness as a reading professional and become a certified reading/literacy specialist in your school or district.

School Psychology

Become a professional school psychologist who assists learners, families, teachers and others to be successful.

Science and Mathematics Education

Deepen your content and pedagogical knowledge of best practices in the teaching of science and mathematics.

Secondary Education

Empower lives through teaching grades 6-12 in the subject areas of English, social studies, foreign language (K-12), math or science.

Special Education

Develop expertise to work with students with disabilities across a variety of K-12 educational settings.

Department Initiatives

Teacher preparation

We prepare and support professional educators who facilitate life-long learning and enrich quality of life for people in public schools and other educational settings.

Professional Education Student teaching and field experiences Certification OSU Teach

Student organizations

Make professional connections, serve your community and lead your peers by joining one of our student organizations.

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