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Oklahoma State University

BIDE Research

Current Projects

Body Image as Related to Individual Wellness:

The purpose of this study to examine the relationships between body image and the individual well- being of college students in the state of Oklahoma. Specifically exploring how body image symptomology, disorders, and social stigma in southern westernized culture impacts components of an individual’s emotional and physical health. Findings obtained from this study will be used to provide a greater understanding of how body image influences wellness in college students.

Contributing Factors to Body Dysmorphic Disorder:

This study is designed to assess the nature and degree to which masculinity and familial appearance- related messages play a role in the development of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Familial Contributing Factors to Body Dissatisfaction:

Several factors have been identified as a predictor of body image, such as media, peers, and family, as well as weight status and health behaviors. Family plays a particularly important role as both a strong sociocultural predictor and an influence of health behaviors and weight status. Family members provide appearance-related messages to their children in the form of Direct Influence and Modeling which helps shapes their beliefs and values about their own appearance and the appearance of others. Family Health Climate, both nutritional and physical activity habits within the family, help shape an individual’s health behaviors which can impact their weight status. The current study is being developed to investigate if the congruency or incongruency of these two factors provide further understanding of how the family helps influence body image development.

Adaptation of the Body Project for Sexual Minority Women

Cosplay and Body Positivity

Disordered Eating in a Binary System: Evaluating the Unique Risks and Functionality of Disordered Eating in Gender Diverse Adolescents

Eating and Health Behaviors in American Indians

Relational Cultural Theory, Wonder Woman and Body Positivity