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Oklahoma State University

Professional Education Staff

Dr. Stephan Wilson

Interim Dean/Executive Director
106 Human Sciences
Phone: (405) 744-9805

Dr. Robin Fuxa

325J Willard Hall
(405) 744-9509

Mark Shelton

Coordinator of Secondary Placements
325W Willard Hall
(405) 744-6252

Kathy Boyer

Coordinator of Educator Certification
325L Willard Hall
(405) 744-6253

Dr. Kathy Thomas

Coordinator, Clinical Practice
325G Willard Hall
(405) 744-1088

Kathleen Colson

Administrative Associate
325H Willard Hall
(405) 744-9506

OSU Professional Education Unit

325 Willard Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: (405)744-6252
Fax: (405)744-1834