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Chautauqua Conference

The Center for Family Resilience and the Department of Human Development and Family Science annually host the Chautauqua Conference on Family Resilience. With a focus on individual and family resilience, the event brings together researchers, service providers and policy makers around a series of research presentations around a common theme. The ultimate goal is for resilience research to pave the way for practical applications for family health and well-being.


The conference is held each spring in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Past Chautauqua Themes and Programs

2021: Resilience of LGBTQ+ Families: Pride and Celebration

2020: Engaging Communities to Foster Belonging for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

2019: Family Resilience and Recovery: Opioids and Other Addictions

2018: Resilience and the Community: How to Build Resilient Communities and How Communities Build Resilient Families

2017: Biobehavioral Markers in Risk and Resilience Research

2016: Family Caregiving: Fostering Resilience across the Life Course

2014: Living with a Chronic Illness: Helping Families Surviveand Thrive

2013: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Strengthening Family and Individual Resilience

2012: Empowering Economically Disadvantaged Parents to Enhance Child Development

2010: New Directions in Authoritative Parenting: Building on the Legacy of Diana Baumrind

2009: Family Risk and Resilience

2008: Parenting: Emotional and Behavioral Regulation


Past Chautauqua Speakers

  • Ann Masten
  • Danny Shaw
  • Jim Snyder
  • Greg Pettit
  • Jackie Mize
  • Tim Cavell
  • Catherine Chesla
  • Diana Baumrind
  • Mary Gauvain 
  • Brian Barber
  • Clyde Robinson
  • Nadia Sorkhabi
  • Jelani Mandara
  • Alexandra Quittner
  • Vonnie McLoyd
  • Jay Mancini
  • Noel Card
  • Assaf Oshri
  • Lee Hyer
  • Merle Keitel
  • Sara Honn Qualls
  • Kent Teague
  • Pilyoung Kim
  • Bridget Hatfield
  • Elizabeth Susman
  • Barbara Ganzel
  • Kyle Simmons
  • Bo Cleveland
  • Ted Robles
  • Dr. Anneliese Singh
  • Dr. Roberto L. Abreu
  • Dr. Al Carlozzi
  • Dr. Tangela Roberts
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