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Research to Practice

The Center for Family Resilience has launched Research to Practice Seminar Series, a year-long series of virtual seminars hosted by topical experts around a common theme. The series wraps up with an in-person event that gathers students, researchers, service providers, and policy makers to hear and engage with the Series’ monthly speakers.

The CFR is working with Springer Publishers to publish a book series titled, Emerging Issues and Alternative Perspectives on Strengthening Individuals and Families. One book in the series is published annually, based on papers authored by the Research to Practice Seminar hosts.

The goals of the book series are:

  • To disseminate research-based knowledge about family resilience across academic disciplines such as family studies, human development, psychology, sociology, social work, education, religious studies, nutritional science, law, and medicine. 
  • To facilitate the development of evidence-based resilience practices, programs, and policies for those working with families at risk.

This year's theme is Healthy & Whole: How our Relationships with Food, Family and Stress Shape our Habits. Sessions are held virtually from 12- 1 p.m. on the 3rd Friday of the month and are open to the public and free to attend. Continuing education credits are available for each session for licensed social workers, LPC's, LMFT's, Physiologists, and Certified Family Life Educators. 



Monthly Series Speakers and Session Titles:

Nov 18, 2022: Creating Welcome to Support Healing and Health

Hosted by: Dr. Colony Fugate  


Dec 16, 2022: ACES and PACES: Understanding and Changing the Dynamic Interplay Between Food, Family, and Stress

Hosted by: Dr. Jennifer Hays Grudo 


Jan 20, 2023: "It Can All Be Very Confusing and Difficult": What Parents Want to Know About Infant Nutrition

Hosted by: Dr. Allison Hepworth 


Feb 16, 2023: Relational Factors and Obesity Risk in Early Childhood: Examining Parent Feeding in Context

Hosted by: Dr. Sally Eagleton


Mar 10, 2023: Using an Implementation Science Approach to Impact Early Childhood Health Outcomes withing the Early Care and Education Context 

Hosted by: Dr. Taren M. Swingle and Dr. Julie M. Rutledge 


April 21, 2023: Eating and Body Image Concerns in Trans and Nonbinary Populations: Why Context Matters in Discussions of Trauma and Resilience

Hosted by: Dr. Douglas Knutson and Bek Urban 


May 19, 2023: Can Environments Make or Break your Health Eating Habits? 

Hosted by: Dr. Jill Joyce


June 16, 2023: Food Bioactive Compounds, Diabetes, and Aging

Hosted by: Dr. Yoo Kim


July 21, 2023: Diet and Behavior Change for Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention: The Chicken of The Egg?  

Hosted by: Dr. Ashlea Braun


Sept 8, 2023: In-person Conference to be held at OSU-CHS.


  • Past Chautauqua/Research to Practice Themes and Programs

    2021: Resilience of LGBTQ+ Families: Pride and Celebration

    2020: Engaging Communities to Foster Belonging for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    2019: Family Resilience and Recovery: Opioids and Other Addictions

    2018: Resilience and the Community: How to Build Resilient Communities and How Communities Build Resilient Families

    2017: Biobehavioral Markers in Risk and Resilience Research

    2016: Family Caregiving: Fostering Resilience across the Life Course

    2014: Living with a Chronic Illness: Helping Families Surviveand Thrive

    2013: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Strengthening Family and Individual Resilience

    2012: Empowering Economically Disadvantaged Parents to Enhance Child Development

    2010: New Directions in Authoritative Parenting: Building on the Legacy of Diana Baumrind

    2009: Family Risk and Resilience

    2008: Parenting: Emotional and Behavioral Regulation

  • Past Speakers
    • Ann Masten
    • Danny Shaw
    • Jim Snyder
    • Greg Pettit
    • Jackie Mize
    • Tim Cavell
    • Catherine Chesla
    • Diana Baumrind
    • Mary Gauvain 
    • Brian Barber
    • Clyde Robinson
    • Nadia Sorkhabi
    • Jelani Mandara
    • Alexandra Quittner
    • Vonnie McLoyd
    • Jay Mancini
    • Noel Card
    • Assaf Oshri
    • Lee Hyer
    • Merle Keitel
    • Sara Honn Qualls
    • Kent Teague
    • Pilyoung Kim
    • Bridget Hatfield
    • Elizabeth Susman
    • Barbara Ganzel
    • Kyle Simmons
    • Bo Cleveland
    • Ted Robles
    • Dr. Anneliese Singh
    • Dr. Roberto L. Abreu
    • Dr. Al Carlozzi
    • Dr. Tangela Roberts


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