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Education and Human Sciences

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Dr. Jason DeFreitas

Lab Director
Associate Professor
Health and Human Performance
Interim Graduate Coordinator     


Research interests: 
Neural adaptations to training, motor unit behavior in humans, proprioception and its effect on motor function, sensory and motor deficits related to aging and/or disease, brain behavior and plasticity and muscle hypertrophy and atrophy.


Dr. Michael Trevino

Associate Professor
Health and Human Performance     


Research interests: 
Non-invasive assessment of neuromuscular function and motor unit behavior, acute and chronic neuromuscular responses to endurance and strength training, effects of aging, skeletal muscle composition and fiber type on motor unit behavior.


Dr. Bert Jacobson

Regents Professor
Seretean Endowed Professor
Head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation     


Research interests: 
Ergogenic aids, muscle strength and endurance, exercise testing and fall prevention.


Dr. Doug Smith

Health and Human Performance     


Research interests: 
Neuromuscular function, performance changes following training interventions, changes in neuromuscular function across the lifespan and balance and fall prevention.


Graduate Students

Jesús Hernandez Sarabia

Advisor: Dr. Defreitas

Advisor: Dr. Jacobson

Sunggun Jeon

Advisor: Dr. Trevino

JoCarol "JoJo" Shields

Advisor: Dr. DeFreitas

Rob MacLennan

Advisor: Dr. DeFreitas

Alex Olmos

Advisor: Dr. Trevino

Sergio Perez

Advisor: Dr. Trevino

Claire Smith

Advisor: Dr. DeFreitas

Advisor: Dr. Trevino

Advisor: Dr. DeFreitas

Advisor: Dr. DeFreitas

  • Ph.D. Graduates
    • Kazuma Akehi (2014) - University of Nebraska at Kearney
    • Alejandra Barrera Curiel (2020) - California State University, Bakersfield
    • Ryan Colquhoun (2019) - University of South Alabama
    • Eric Conchola (2014) - University of Central Oklahoma
    • Carlos Estrada (2019) - Aurora University
    • Garrett Hester (2015) - Kennesaw State University
    • Mike Luera (2020) - Tarleton State University
    • Cameron Mackey (2020) - TBD
    • Mitch Magrini (2019) - Creighton University
    • Masoud Moghaddom (2020) - Salisbury University
    • Ty Palmer (2015) - Texas Tech University
    • Ryan Thiele (2016) - Kansas State University
    • Brennan Thompson (2013) - Utah State University
  • Collaborators
    • Matt Stock - University of Central Florida
    • Alessandro Del Vecchio - Imperial College London
    • Jay Dawes - Oklahoma State University
    • Xin Ye - University of Hartford
    • Joshua Carr - Texas Christian University
    • Trent Herda - University of Kansas
    • Andy Fry - University of Kansas
    • Jacob Siedlik - Creighton University
    • Matt Tenan - Optimum Performance Analytics Associates 
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