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Oklahoma State University

Science/Math Education Faculty

Julie Angle, Ph.D., NBCT

Associate Professor, Science Education

Dr. Angle’s research interests include (a) designing strategies to strengthen preservice science teachers’ understanding of nature of science, (b) Providing opportunities for preservice science teachers to engage in authentic research experiences (c) Preparing teachers to teach science through an inquiry approach.

Dr. Angle is the director of the Kansas-Nebraska-Oklahoma Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). This prestigious event provides an avenue for high school students to present their authentic research to a panel of judges. She also is also the chair of the OSU-National Lab Day event. This is a national initiative that bridges the communication gap between STEM researchers and high school students and teachers. Students and teachers visit the labs where authentic research is ongoing.  

Jennifer Cribbs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education

My research interests include exploring K-20 students’ toward STEM careers. In particular, my research interests include (s) mathematics identity, (b) teachers’ instructional practices that support positive identity development, and (c) gender analyses related to STEM fields. 

Stephanie Hathcock, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Science Education

My background includes teaching science and gifted education from K-8th grades. My research interests include, (1) professional identity of pre- and inservice science teachers, (2) creativity in science teaching and learning, and (3) environmental science education.  

Toni Ivey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Science Education

My research interests include (a) designing strategies to develop elementary teachers’ understandings of science and engineering, (b) studying STEM teacher mentoring and induction practices, and (c) studying the intersections between geoscience and the learning science (geocognition).

I am the Program Coordinator of the Science and Mathematics Education program and Co-Director of the Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning.

Amy Olson, M.A.

Clinical Faculty

I joined Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2014 to help start the OSUTeach program as a Master Teacher.  The OSUTeach program provides opportunities for students who are majoring in mathematics and science to earn a secondary teaching certification along with a discipline degree.  My goals are to help more individuals passionate about science join the teaching career as well help science teachers develop best practices to drive student learning and engagement.  

Adrienne Redmond-Sanogo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

My research interests revolve around connecting students to STEM by exploring interest, attitudes, knowledge, technology integration, and access. My specific areas of interest within this line of inquiry include (a) integrating iPads and other digital technologies into the teaching and learning of mathematics, (b) Increasing interest, readiness, and retention in STEM careers, especially underrepresented populations, (c) investigating prospective elementary teachers’ dispositions toward mathematics, and (d) teaching and learning of mathematics, specifically fractions.

I am the Coordinator of the EMSK-12 Master’s Degree and the International Student Teaching Committee. I am also the Co-Coordinator of the Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Master’s Degree.

Juliana Utley, Ph.D.

Professor, Mathematics Education

I teach courses in mathematics education for prospective elementary and secondary teachers, as well as courses for masters and doctoral students in mathematics education.  My research interests include mathematics preservice and in-service teacher education, beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics, beginning teacher support and STEM education

I hold the Morsani Chair in Mathematics Education and serve as the Director for the Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning.  

John Weaver, M.S.

Clinical Instructor

I am currently serving as the Math Master Teacher in the OSUTeach program.  In this role I have the opportunity to work with students at many different stages in their programs. I currently teach SMED 1011 and SMED 2011.  These courses focus on recruitment into STEM secondary education.  In addition to my OSUTeach responsibilities I teach Intermediate Math Methods for Elementary Majors (SMED 4153) as well as secondary math methods courses (SMED 4003, SMED 4053). I also supervise and manage field placements as well as help establish and oversee our STEM summer internships.