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Recognizing Excellence

Our students are recognized at the college- and university-level for outstanding achievements based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, campus leadership contributions, community service, global learning experiences and so much more.

College of Education and Human Sciences Awards

Group photo of Outstanding Seniors

College of Education and Human Sciences Outstanding Seniors

These seniors are nominated by our college's faculty and staff based upon academic, leadership, service and professional achievements.

Student in orange graduation gown

Commencement Orange Honor Gown Recipient

A senior recipient is chosen by the college in the fall and spring to wear a distinctive orange gown at the undergraduate commencement ceremony.

Student pwearing diversity cord

Diversity Cord Project

This initiative is designed to help expand your intercultural competence and appreciate our diverse differences. Recipients who successfully complete the project earn an honor cord to wear at graduation.

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Student receiving award

Legacy Service Award

This award recognizes the contributions of a student who dedicated significant time throughout their college career serving others and helping others grow personally, academically and professionally.

Students working together

Student Mentoring Recognition

More information coming soon.

University Award Opportunities 

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