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Education and Human Sciences

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The week before classes start each fall semester is called Cowboy Welcome. You will have the opportunity to attend events specifically designed to help you meet people in your college and in your major.

Meet People and Find Resources

From classroom tours, teaching you how to navigate the bus system to events helping you connect with students that have fun activities and food; we will help you feel prepared and connected to your college resources.

Register and Download the Guidebook App

To register and learn more about University wide events during Cowboy Welcome, check out the Cowboy Welcome website. Their Guidebook App will help you navigate all campus events.
To ask questions about college specific events, call the Watson Family Center for Student Development at 405-744-6350 or email us at

CEHS College Night

Please join us for College Night, Thursday, August 24th, from 4:30-6:30pm.


The College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS) is so excited to have you here with us! 


At College Night, we will welcome you to the CEHS, OSU, Stillwater Communities!  Students from every major are encouraged to attend College Night to get to know the people that will make up your classes and work with you during your time in CEHS.  Faculty, Staff, and fellow students will be in Nancy Randolph Davis (NRD) and Willard Hall (WLLD) to provide games and refreshments for all students, and each Major will be represented in another location with their own activity.


Please see the table below for specific location information for your Major:


Questions can be directed to Matt Williams at 405-744-6350 or

If your major is... Go to...

Aerospace Administration and Operations (AADO)
Professional Pilot (PRPL)

Aerospace Security (ASPS)
Aviation Management (AVMG)
Technical Service Management (TSM)

108 Willard Hall (WLLD)
Applied Exercise Science (AES)
Pre-Professional Studies (PPRO)
Sports and Coaching Science (SPCS)
Strength and Conditioning (SCON)
Jorns Hall, 180 Nancy Randolph Davis (NRD)
Design + Merchandising 
Interior Design (ID)
Fashion Design and Production (FDP)
Fashion Merchandising (FMER)
Mixed Reality Lab
Elementary Education (ELEM)  Willard Living Room 
Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)
Child and Family Services (CFS)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Family and Consumer Science Education (FACS)
116 Nancy Randolph Davis - West (NRD-W)
Nursing (NURS) 185 Gaylord Gallery
Nutritional Sciences (NSCI) 
Allied Health (ALHT)
Dietetics (DIET)
Human Nutrition Pre-Medical Sciences (HNPS)
307 Nancy Randolph Davis (NRD) 
Public Health (PH) 107 Willard (WLLD)
Recreation and Athletic Management (RCAM) Partner Suites
Recreational Therapy (RT) Partner Suites
Secondary Education (SCED) Willard Living Room 
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