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Setting you up for success

We strive to develop lifelong learners and scholars through our academic programs, but recognize that learning is challenging. The Learning Lounge empowers you to overcome those challenges and champion your personal academic success within a supportive environment.

Learning Lounge Information


3-5:00pm in Willard 010 (basement)


  • BIOL 3204 
  • HDFS 3423 
  • HHP 2654 
  • HHP 3223 
  • MGMT 3013 
  • NSCI 3223 
  • NSCI 3543 
  • NSCI 4123 
  • PSYC 3443


4-6:00pm in Willard Living Room


  • EPSY 3213 
  • HHP 2654 
  • HHP 3223 
  • MATH 3403 
  • MATH 3603 
  • SPED 3202 
  • PSYC 3443

Cowboy Up Self-Defense Workshop (Part of CEHS Cowboy Welcome)

Learn safety strategies and tactics to defend yourself against unexpected outlaws. Brought to you by Learning Lounge, a weekly program providing facilitated study groups and Learning for Life topics for students in the College of Education and Human Sciences.

Study groups and peer tutoring

The aim of Learning Lounge is to improve outcomes of upper-level classes in the College of Education and Human Sciences as well as provide students with holistic learning experiences. Study groups will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday by peer mentors and tutors in order to improve study skills, class competence and create spaces for productive studying. Additionally, guest instructors will be brought in throughout the semester to discuss general interest topics such as art projects, cooking demonstrations and various other activities!  Please check CampusLink for Learning Lounge sponsored events, hosted by Education & Human Sciences.

Students helping students

Peer mentors and tutors, trained through the LASSO Center, are available to assist you in maximizing your strategies in academic success. By attending Learning Lounge you will be learning study methods and organization tips based upon well-known best-practices for not only success in college, but also in your individual well-being.
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