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CACREP Accreditation

Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

Oklahoma State University has a vibrant and successful CACREP-accredited counseling program training competent and prepared counselors.

Mission Statement and Program Objectives

The MS in Counseling is designed to prepare professional counselors who are knowledgeable in counseling theories and techniques, who can translate counseling theory into effective counseling practice, who are committed to respecting diversity among people and who ascribe to the highest of ethical standards and practice.

The program incorporates teaching in counseling, pedagogical and psychological theory, research and practice into a practitioner-based training program that allows graduates to apply knowledge in these areas to their practice in school and clinical mental health settings in the community. Consistent with the land-grant tradition of OSU, the program is committed to the outreach and training of students from Oklahoma and elsewhere who represent diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual/affectional orientation, culture, rural, suburban or urban backgrounds, socioeconomic status, religious/spiritual affiliation and ability status.

Student Data

We had approximately 28 students graduate in the 20-21 school year and successful completion rates for the National Counselor Examination and the School Counselor

Certification Exam. We also continue to have 100 percent successful employment rates not only for our graduates seeking positions in Oklahoma, but also for those who have moved and accepted positions in other states including Tennessee, Virginia, and Oregon, to name just a few.

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