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3D Design: Digital Product Creation Certificates

Learn the fundamentals of 3D digital product creation for apparel through a certification specifically designed for those in the industry who are interested in reskilling or advancing their professional skills.  


Courses: $800 each; $2,900 package price for all four courses to complete one certificate


Upon certificate completion, learners will have the skills necessary to obtain a job in 3D product creation within the apparel industry, such as: 


  • Importing and adjusting parametric avatars
  • Creating garments in 3D
  • Creating new designs based on block elements and understanding pattern shape function
  • Evaluating garment fit in 3D
  • Understanding material assets and physical properties
  • Rendering and animation
  • Styling and showcasing garments


Course Sequence

The individual classes for the Digital Product Creation certificate are self-paced. You can sign in whenever you are able to watch pre-recorded lectures and complete weekly assignments. Weekly login participation is recommended.


1. Digital Product Creation  

This is the first course in the 3D Digital Product Creation certificate program. In this class you will advance your 2D design skills with 3D digital creation, understand the importance of 3D software as it pertains to the apparel industry and be introduced to 3D software programs such as Browzwear’s V-stitcher and Stylezone. 


2. Digital Product Creation   II

In the second course for the 3D Digital Product Creation certificate, you will continue to improve your knowledge and proficiency in 3D design by creating avatars, materials, garment patterns and learn to perfect simulations and styling. You will advance your skills in Browzwear’s V-stitcher and Stylezone and be introduced to Blender.


Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Digital Product Creation


3. Advanced Digital Product Creation

The third course will help you determine your pathway to 3D garment creation by further advancing your 3D design knowledge. You will enhance your 3D skill set with advanced rendering, garment construction and animation of avatars.


Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Digital Product Creation II


4. Capstone in Digital Product Creation

The final course will expand on the advanced skills learned throughout the certificate program and allows you to focus on an individualized path as a 3D designer, 3D technical designer, 3D artist or 3D material designer.* In your capstone course, you will learn additional software specific to your desired area of expertise. 


3D Apparel Designer

  • Build 3D prototypes and samples executed to reflect your design concept
  • Create accurate, detailed, high-quality renderings quickly and efficiently
  • Understand technical sketches, illustrations of construction details and multiple product views

3D Technical Designer

  • Learn pattern making, block development and grading
  • Understand digital pipelines and how they relate to the product development cycle
  • Gain DAM software experience including digital file management and attribution
  • Learn sewing order, construction and production techniques as well as fit principles
  • Understand physical properties of materials, fabric drape, and material digitization and visualization processes

3D Apparel Artist

  • Produce photo realistic 3D images or animations of apparel
  • Understand lighting principles and digital color processes
  • Learn applications of material textures and physics, trim, artwork and embellishment

*The 3D material designer certificate pathway will be launched fall 2024. 


Online Learning FAQs


  • What are the advantages of the self-paced online class? 

    Convenience and Flexibility: Convenience and flexibility are the most obvious advantages. Students can log into the course throughout the week, on any computer, to view the videos and study when it’s convenient. The weekly assignments must be done on a computer that has V-Stitcher loaded.  The self-paced online courses are all pre-recorded.


    Freedom to travel while you study: Courses can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection; business trips and vacations no longer mean missed classes.


    Great courses, just like on campus: The online certificate coursework is developed and taught in the same manner as classes that students on campus take and is led by the same faculty.

  • How do the self-paced online courses work?

    Structure: Each course has 6 or more modules to complete. You will have access to videos and corresponding PowerPoints as well as any other assets necessary to complete each module. Once a module has been completed and the assignments and quiz have been submitted, the next module will be made available. Students have flexibility in terms of the schedule in which they complete their studies.


    Schedule: Each course gives the students up to six months to complete. However, students can complete each course at a quicker pace if preferred. Note: If there are four consecutive weeks of inactivity and the instructor has not been notified, your Browzwear license will be terminated and an additional $150 fee will need paid for reactivation.


    Time commitment: The time that you spend working on your online course will vary based on the assignments and each student’s own pace. 


    Relationship building:  Students can communicate with the instructor through private correspondence within the course site or via email. Students can utilize the chat and discussion features within Canvas to communicate issues, ask for advice or get peer critique.


    What about exams?  No exams, only quizzes and assignment submissions. Finish requirements in each section to immediately move on to the next.

  • What do I need to be successful?

    Time, dedication, and above all, practice will make you a more successful student.


    We use Browzwear in our Digital Product Creation courses. If you do not have V-Stitcher software, you can pay a fee of $150 to have access to it. Your access will be active for up to one year while you are enrolled in one of our courses. As long as you remain in constant enrollment throughout the program, you will not need to pay the fee more than once. 


    Hardware and software specifications can be found here

  • When can I start?

    Anytime! Because the course is self-paced, you can start whenever you feel ready and have the time. Be sure to enroll in the next course in the sequence within four weeks of completing the previous course so that you will not have to pay the $150 software fee a second time. All four courses must be completed to remain on a single Browzwear subscription. Course registration is now open.

*Synchronous sections can be created for companies who wish to enroll six or more employees. Contact us for more information. 

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