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Oklahoma State University

BIDE (Body Image and Disordered Eating) Laboratory




Mission Statement: Our mission is to identify, understand, and explore body image, disordered eating, and related concerns. Body image and disordered eating are growing concerns in modern society as individuals are affected by societal demands of achieving an ideal image or lifestyle. With implications that physical attraction achieves happiness and success, while disguising the physical, psychological, and social costs to the individual.

As a research team, we aim to achieve a greater understanding of how body image and disordered eating play roles in social justice, cultural diversity, and individual and collective health. Our research will be used to inform a variety of audiences, in research, academia, clinicians, and the general public for knowledge and application.

We strive to participate in advocacy and outreach opportunities by reaching out to community organizations to implement body image related and disordered eating programs and getting involved in activities that promote awareness of body image and disordered eating related concerns.