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Graduate Testimonials

Recent OSU marriage and family therapy graduates share their insight and experience.

Trent Call

“My experience in the OSU marriage and family therapy program was rewarding and full of growth. The faculty are skillfully trained in creating an environment where shortcomings are sculpted into growth opportunities. The training you receive here is topnotch and prides itself in graduating not only quality clinicians and researchers, but individuals. As a clinician there is always on-site supervision to help your development of therapeutic skills. Each of the faculty value your personal experience and ideas, while at the same time challenging you to be the best quality clinician. If you are interested in research, there are ample opportunities to work with faculty both within the MFT program and throughout the graduate college. My research experience has helped me feel prepared to transition into a Ph.D. program. My time at OSU and in Stillwater has been cherished by both me and my family. I have truly grown to value the close relationships I have gained with the faculty members and other students and I am proud to be a part of such a quality program.”

- Trent Call
2017 Graduate, Doctoral Student, Florida State University
Mary Gibbons, LMFT

"I chose the marriage and family therapy program over a counseling program because of its compatibility with my belief system. Marriage and family therapy is a holistic approach that views the person within the context of their environment and considers all of the bio-psycho-social influences that shape an individual. Considering the whole person, including relationships, was important to me as a clinician."

- Mary Gibbons, LMFT
2013 Graduate, Family Therapist, Private Practice
Jonathan Wilson, Phd, LMFT

“The coursework in the OSU marriage and family therapy master’s program sufficiently prepares students to enter a doctoral program. Students are taught the value of research in clinical work. Even for students not intending to pursue doctoral degrees, students understand that the best clinicians also have an understanding and appreciation for research. All students have the option to complete a thesis project and are encouraged to do so if they have any interest of pursuing further study.”

- Jonathan Wilson, PhD, LMFT
2010 Graduate, Medical Family Therapist
Carola Pena Pozo

“The OSU marriage and family therapy program is a place where we are continuously encouraged to become the best version of ourselves, so we can become the best therapists we can be for our clients.”

- Carola Pena Pozo
2012 Graduate, Fulbright Scholar, Bolivia
Lauren Ruhlmann, LMFT

“I chose the Oklahoma State marriage and family therapy program because of the faculty's unique investment in their students. It was apparent that the faculty had a vested interest in each student's individual success. Rather than forcing all students to follow a predetermined trajectory, the faculty invested time in learning each student's unique goals and helping them take the appropriate steps to meet those goals after graduation. In addition to my training as a therapist, I had the opportunity to co-author journal articles and present my research at international conferences which prepared me incredibly well for doctoral training.”

- Lauren Ruhlmann, LMFT
2014 Graduate, Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Tim Welch

“The small student body is a wonderful asset because it facilitates a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere among the students. It also provides ample opportunities to work one on one with faculty to develop as a clinician or researcher. The curriculum balances preparing competent clinicians who are capable of both critically analyzing research and ready to do their own research. This has facilitated my transition from being a consumer of research to producing my own.”

- Tim Welch
2015 Graduate, Doctoral Student, Michigan State University
Chelsea Keel

“As students in the OSU Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program, we learn and actively practice the skills, techniques, and models that make a good clinician all under the supervision of faculty who not only encourage, but also challenge you to grow into better people and clinicians every week. The sense of community I felt at OSU was a big factor in my decision to attend this program. Along with the faculty's support, the small cohort size fosters an environment in which you develop supportive and understanding relationships with fellow students. Being a part of the OSU Marriage and Family Therapy program is an exciting experience and I continue to look forward to the growth I am undergoing each semester.”

- Chelsea Keel
2017 Graduate, 2016-2017 AAMFT Minority Fellow, LMFT, Private Practice
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