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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Matt Brosi


Matt Brosi, Ph.D.


A graduate of the COAMFTE accredited Ph.D. program at Michigan State University and is an Oklahoma Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. Dr. Brosi came to OSU in 2004. His research interests focus on fatherhood/men’s issues, co-parenting, divorce, and remarriage/step-family formation, as well as the development of brief interventions addressing parenting issues. Dr. Brosi serves as the HDFS Graduate Coordinator and holds a joint appointment with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service as a State Specialist.


Dr. Nathan Hardy


Nathan Hardy, Ph.D.


A graduate of the COAMFTE accredited Ph.D. program at Kansas State University. Dr. Hardy came to OSU in 2016. His research interests focus on change processes in couple therapy, relationship education delivery and curricula, the longitudinal course of healthy marriage, and the intersection between relationship processes and diabetes self-management. Dr. Hardy serves as the MFT Program Director.



Amanda Szarzynski, Ph.D.


Amanda Szarzynski, Ph.D.


A graduate of the COAMFTE accredited program at Texas Tech University. She serves as the Clinical Director of the Center for Family Services (CFS). Dr. Szarzynski’s work includes teaching, training, and supervising Marriage and Family Therapy graduate students, as well as overseeing the operational aspects of the CFS. Her own clinical work has specialized in couple therapy, individual depression and anxiety problems, substance use, and criminal justice populations. 

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