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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Program Requirements

Master of Science

Individuals may tailor their plan of student to emphasize specific interest areas, for example: recreational therapy, corporate recreation/wellness, corporate intramurals, university recreation/wellness, university intramurals, outdoor recreation, parks and resource management

The Master of Science in Leisure Studies is designed to build upon the competencies contained in the baccalaureate program and to develop "mastery" of knowledge, understanding and ability to apply those competencies in professional settings. The master of science program serves two primary purposes: (1) a post-baccalaureate degree program permitting mastery of disciplinary specific knowledge with an introduction to research knowledge and application and (2) a post-baccalaureate degree program offering disciplinary specific knowledge with professional application to the work setting. Students applying for the master of science program without a background in the appropriate option will be expected to complete leveling coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy

The intent of the doctoral degree is to prepare graduate students for faculty positions in a wide range of institutions. As such, all students are mentored by the faculty in scholarly activities, teaching and service. All doctoral students will have the opportunity to gain experience in teaching, research and service during their on-campus work.

This doctor of philosophy degree links the disciplines within the College of Education and Human Sciences that present the contemporary embodiments of the classic concepts, schole, licere and gymnasia (preparation for healthy living, satisfying leisure and excellence in human performance). The options within this doctor of philosophy program seek to prepare scholars capable of discovering and disseminating knowledge to understand human behavior and to further social and individual excellence.

As a component within the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health, Leisure and Human Performance, Recreation Management/Recreational Therapy provides the connection to the classic concept of activity for its own sake, activity of choice that enriches life. Leisure studies encompasses the scholarship related to personal participation in recreation and leisure, the provision and management of those places and opportunities that encourage such participation and therapeutic intervention into lives through leisure to improve the quality of life. Leisure studies includes scholarship related to motivation for leisure choice, modification of leisure behavior, use of leisure as a therapeutic modality, relationships between people at leisure and their environment and benefits resulting from leisure behavior. Leisure studies is supported by and integrally connected to a delivery system ranging from personal homes, through communities, community agencies, to the national and international provision of recreation and parks.

Recreation management/recreational therapy, in this degree program, focuses on the preparation of scholars who can enter the academy as excellent faculty members.

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