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Graduate Testimonials

Recent curriculum studies graduates share their insight and experience.

Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

Student with backpack

“The direction and thought-provoking inspiration of program faculty from OSU gave me hope that I too one day would be able to walk the halls with the other instructors with knowledge and confidence in my teaching abilities. Then came the last class when I realized we had developed the close knit bond together. The OSU-Tulsa Community College Cohort program helped me develop my skills as an instructor, and I will miss my time at OSU very much.”

- Beth Tenney, Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care Program
2018 Graduate, College Teaching Graduate Certificate


Jennifer Williams

"I worked on my master’s and college teaching certificate simultaneously at OSU, which I appreciated. I thrived in the compassionate and intellectual environment that facilitated me delving deeper and challenging myself. After graduation, I had several interviews, where my certificate was much appreciated. Now, I work at the University of Oklahoma, where I teach preservice teachers how to implement technology in the classroom. Using my ever-evolving knowledge of systemic inequity, we also spend time discussing issues of equity and access. I thoroughly enjoy my new position and the chance to influence future teachers. Ultimately, my degree and certificate provided me more opportunities and opened the door to this wonderful new path.

- Jennifer Williams, Educational Technology Integration Specialist, University of Oklahoma
2019 Graduate, College Teaching Graduate Certificate and MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies
Student on TCC campus

“Most higher education instructors have had little to no exposure to curriculum and pedagogy studies. We are content experts but not instructional experts. This teaching certificate provides a theoretical framework to inform and support curricular decisions. Moreover, becoming a student again transformed my teaching by turning the table on the teacher/student relationship. I now make curricular decisions as both teacher and student.”

- Kasty Frances, Associate Professor of English, Tulsa Community College
2018 Graduate, College Teaching Graduate Certificate (Photo courtesy of Tulsa Community College)
College Classroom

“The program, comprised of four courses, was a refreshing focus on teaching and learning, not only through practical application of ideas but especially through an exploration of the philosophical underpinnings that guide our struggle for understanding. Program faculty bring an internationally renowned level of expertise in the field of curriculum studies to the program and to the courses they design and teach. They are experienced researchers and educators committed to the success of their students.”

- Travis White, Dean of Business and Informational Technology, Tulsa Community College
2018 Graduate, College Teaching Graduate Certificate

Master's in Curriculum and Leadership Studies

Sarah Price

"The curriculum studies graduate program paved the way for my future, with an emphasis on reflective leadership, critical pedagogy, and school reform."

- Sarah Price, Federal Programs Administrator, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Education and Training
2016 Graduate, MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies
Alice Wang

"The curriculum and leadership studies program prepared me well for my career in higher education where cultural inclusiveness and diversity awareness are important to serving international students while helping them work toward academic success."

- Alice Wang, Chinese Language and Culture Advisor, INTO Oregon State University
2013 Graduate, MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies
students in classroom

"Because of the nonviolence education I received during my master's degree, I introduced mindfulness as part of my English curriculum and believe that it has profoundly impacted students’ lives. The ripple effect benefits of practicing mindfulness with both teachers and students have far exceeded my initial desire to affect change."

- Mary Kollmorgen, English Instructor, Street School
2014 Graduate, MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies
Charica Dene Daugherty

"My time in the curriculum studies program have impacted both my writing and art work, opening new doors of opportunity. My final master's project explored integrating Afrocentric and Eurocentric narratives in education. During this research, I began writing and performing short, video monologues on Black history. These videos have been aired at my church for several years during Black History Month, reaching thousands of viewers. The president of Oral Roberts University, Dr Billy Wilson, has also aired these videos for the student body the past three years. The exposure from these videos has also blessed me with other opportunities including being a promotional speaker for a child sponsorship charity called Compassion International."

- Charica Dene Daugherty, Artist
2018 Graduate, MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies
Petrina Davidson

"After learning about the euphemized Tulsa Race Riot, I really began to question the historical narrative taught through the formal curriculum and began wondering if any places with violent histories where those in power were the perpetrators presented their histories from more than one perspective. Oklahoma State introduced these overarching questions to me and provided the frameworks of nonviolence, social justice, and collective guilt as lenses through which to consider these issues which affect communities around the world."

- Petrina M. Davidson, Adjunct Professor and Special Assistant to the Director, Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University
2013 Graduate, MS Curriculum and Leadership Studies

Doctorate in Curriculum Studies

Yeorim Ana Hwang

"My academic journey at Oklahoma State University was fruitful to fulfill my professional aspirations in designing and implementing my curriculum practices. I deeply appreciate my learning and experiences in my doctoral program because they presented me insights to rethink my taken for granted ideas and explore new possibilities of education."

- Yeorim Ana Hwang, Museum Edu-curator, Pulzip Craft and Art Museum
2018 Graduate, PhD Curriculum Studies
Dewayne Dickens

"The curriculum studies program provided essential grounding in theory, equity questions and collaboration as approaches to deal with the numerous concerns that emerge when developing curriculum, participating in social change activities and basing community action in research-based approaches for the ever-changing community needs."

- Dewayne Dickens, Associate Professor of Developmental Studies and Coordinator of Academy for Teaching Excellence, Tulsa Community College
2002 Graduate, PhD Curriculum Studies
Gina Morris

"My work in the curriculum studies program has benefited me tremendously. The program helped me realize the broader context of curriculum and the underlying issues that serve to shape educational policy. The program also highlighted matters of equity and access in education, and these are issues that greatly influence my work as an educational leader."

- Gina Morris Teaching, Support Specialist, Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ITLE), Oklahoma State University
2018 Graduate, PhD Curriculum Studies
Kristi Dickey

"My work in the curriculum studies program has empowered me to consider the broader implications of curriculum and how these ideas can help university instructors utilize engaging and inclusive teaching strategies."

- Kristi Dickey, Teaching Support Specialist, Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ITLE), Oklahoma State University
2018 Graduate, PhD Curriculum Studies
Samantha Sanders

"I credit OSU's curriculum studies program with impacting not only my professional life but also my personal life as well. I feel that it contributed in highly significant ways to my existing framework for educating children and for preparing pre-service teachers to educate children. The program has proven relevant to academic presentations that I make for schools and at conferences; additionally, it has informed my classroom teaching in multiple ways."

- Samantha Sanders Benn-Duke, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Northeastern State University
2016 Graduate, PhD Curriculum Studies


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