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Master of Science in Curriculum and Leadership Studies


Prospective Students

Program overview and admissions information

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Current Students

All students have a take-home comprehensive exam over the program and complete either a non-thesis/creative component or thesis. The non-thesis/creative component can take a variety of forms from an advanced paper over a curriculum topic to a creative demonstration of curriculum expertise. The thesis is original research. The student’s advisory committee consists of three members (at least two of whom are curriculum studies faculty members) who assists the student through all aspects of the program.


Course Information

  • CIED 5043: Issues in Teaching

    Current issues and trends in teaching theory, practice and research with emphasis on teacher reflection.

  • CIED 5053: Curriculum Issues

    A Study of curriculum that includes philosophy, history, decision-making, major concepts, and terms.

  • CIED 5073: Pedagogical Research

    Theory and application of pedagogical inquiry with emphasis on teacher as researcher, pedagogical question posing, and techniques of pedagogical inquiry including narrative, autobiography, case writing, action research, and artifactual documentation of teacher performance.

  • CIED 5093: Curriculum Design

    The theorizing and practical development of course and curriculum design. Focus on learning sciences, social implications, and interpreting student goals through state and national standards.

  • CIED 5123: Curriculum in the Secondary School

    Contemporary curricular issues, philosophies, and points of view in secondary school education.

  • CIED 5173: Kindergarten-Primary Curriculum

    Study of kindergarten-primary curriculum, including philosophy, history, current practice, and issues. For administrators, teachers and students in curriculum and early childhood education.

  • CIED 5183: Media Literacy Across the Curriculum

    Examination of the history of media literacy. Major topics and issues in the field of media literacy and curriculum in media literacy across subject areas.

  • CIED 5313: Curriculum of the Elementary School

    Contemporary trends, philosophies and points of view in elementary school education.

  • CIED 5623: Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Curriculum

    Understanding of the historical and contemporary perspectives toward cultural diversity. Development of an awareness of diverse culture and language communities; understanding of critical issues of race, class, gender, and ethnicity in education; perennial issues of multiculturalism in public education and in global society; a comprehensive overview of principles and current research on bilingual and multicultural education.

  • CIED 5720: Education Workshop: OSU Writing Project (by application only)
    For teachers, principals, superintendents and supervisors who need advanced curriculum and instruction course work related to K-12 subject areas and pedagogy, in the areas of instruction and administration. Students must register for the full number of credit hours for which the workshop is scheduled for a particular term.
  • CIED 5723: Gender and Curriculum
    An overview of gender issues in curriculum theory and practice. Understanding of historical and contemporary perspectives on gender in the context of schooling, pedagogy, and education.
  • CIED 5730: Seminar in Education: Curriculum Topics (with advisor approval)
    Seminar topics may differ depending upon the nature of current interests and topics in American education.
  • CIED 5803: Mindfulness, Curriculum and Teaching
    The concept of mindfulness and its meanings for education. Theory and practice of mindful curriculum and teaching.


Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies


Program Requirements

A minimum of 63 credit hours beyond the master’s degree, a qualifying exam, dissertation proposal and dissertation are required for degree completion.


Program overview and admissions information


Degree Options


Course Information

  • CIED 6030: Contemporary Issues in Curriculum Studies

    Examination of selected contemporary topics in curriculum studies.

  • CIED 6033: Analysis of Teaching

    Advanced study of multiple forms of analysis of teaching such as behavioral, phenomenological, and constructivist with emphasis on major research on teacher reflection and teacher narrative.

  • CIED 6040: Special Topics in College Curriculum and Teaching

    Topics vary to address issues related to college curriculum and teaching at various levels of higher education.

  • CIED 6043: Curriculum Leadership

    A study of curriculum leadership and implications for schooling; focus on what it means to be a curriculum leader in times of major societal change and educational reform.

  • CIED 6053: Advanced Curriculum Studies

    In-depth analysis of key concepts, topics, trends, and the interdisciplinary nature of curriculum studies. Critical analysis of contemporary curriculum discourses.

  • CIED 6063: Curriculum History

    Examines in-depth the history of various movements in U.S. curriculum thinking and the individuals who promoted them, with attention to the cultural and institutional contexts within which they worked. Emphasis is given to primary sources and the position of curriculum thinking within evolving.

  • CIED 6073: Advanced Pedagogical Research

    Advanced theory and application of pedagogical research with emphasis on teacher as researcher, teacher research as professional development and education reform, techniques of pedagogical research and pedagogical question posing.

  • CIED 6133: Theory to Practice in Education

    A culminating seminar demonstrating the application of theory from several disciplines to the practical problems of education: curriculum development, organization, teaching strategies and evaluations.

  • CIED 6143: School Reform

    Current issues in school reform with an emphasis on U.S. education; focus on what it means to engage in reform from dual points of view: curriculum leader and recipient of reform mandate.

  • CIED 6153: Curriculum of Nonviolence
    The concept of nonviolence and its implications for curriculum and education. Curriculum dynamics of nonviolence. Curriculum theory and practice for, about, and through nonviolence.
  • CIED 6163: Advanced Research Strategies in Curriculum
    Prerequisite(s): SCFD 6113. Exploration of designs and methods within qualitative and quantitative research as applied to the field of curriculum. Articulation on how to ensure that both qualitative and quantitative studies meet their respective standards of rigor.
  • CIED 6173: International Peace Curriculum Development
    Conceptual foundations of peace education; theory and practice of developing school and college curriculum about and for international peace; case studies of international conflict resolution and peace curriculum.
  • CIED 6183: Advanced Media Literacy in the Curriculum
    This course examines the interdisciplinary areas of media literacy across the curriculum. Major these such as issues of hegemony and strategies of media literacy in diverse classrooms will be explored. Students will analyze and evaluate various curriculum theories as applied to media literacy as well as research in the field. Finally, the future of media literacy and debates in the field will be considered.
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